Arsenal Target Bernard Celebrates Birthday With “Ben 10” Cake And Party Hat (Photo)

Chris Wright

24th, July 2013

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By Chris Wright

Born in 1992, reported Arsenal target Bernard celebrated his last birthday with a “Ben 10” birthday cake (a children’s cartoon which we’re told is very much the modern-day answer to “Mighty Max” or “Johnny Quest”) and a party hat – as this picture doing the rounds this morning will duly attest…


Sadly, we can’t be sure if this is someone’s idea of an ironic joke (have the unfeasibly young-looking guy sullenly blow out candles on a kid’s birthday cake for comedy kicks) or if Bernard is actually young enough to be a bona fide “Ben 10” fan.

Is this the age group of player that is actually coming through at the moment? I mean, it blows our mind to think that there are professional players out there at major European clubs who weren’t born when Euro 96 took place. Blows our bloody mind, we tells ye!