New York Red Bulls Players Practice Their English Accents As Club Prepare To Welcome Arsenal (Video)

Chris Wright

24th, July 2014


By Chris Wright

With several of the Arsenal squad demonstrating their finest “New Yoick” brogues earlier in the week ahead of this Saturday’s pre-season game against New York Red Bulls, a few of the Red Bulls mob have returned the favour by brushing up on their English accents before the game too.

In order to make the Gunners feel at home during their visit, Ryan Meara, Chris Duvall, Eric Stevenson and Connor Lade have all had a stab – with results pitched somewhere between out-and-out Australian and Don Cheadle in Ocean’s Eleven…

There’s a good rule of thumb for attempting the English accent: If you’re making Dick van Dyke look like a consummate character actor, then you’re probably doing it wrong.