‘The Abuse I Get Is Stupid’ – Man City’s Samir Nasri Not Phased By Arsenal Boo-Boys Ahead Of Community Shield Clash

Chris Wright

10th, August 2014


By Chris Wright

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Manchester City v West Ham United - Etihad Stadium

With the two sides set to meet in this afternoon’s Community Shield game at Wembley, Man City midfielder Samir Nasri has stoked the flame war between himself and Arsenal fans by branding them “stupid” in their continued vilification of him.

Nasri has been pilloried as a coin-chasing mercenary by Arsenal fans ever since he left the club to join City back in 2011, but the Frenchman insists that he’s not phased by the boo-boys and that he did what he did for the good of his career, not his bank balance.

“I just think the abuse I get is stupid. I’m not an Arsenal fan, I am not from London,” Nasri told the Sunday People.

“To be honest, we are players and we are just looking at what are the best interests for us and our careers.

“When Manchester City came for me it was the best choice to come here. Since coming to City I have won ­trophies and I have a better life so I am really happy about everything.

“If the fans can’t move on it’s too bad. I am not trying to have a problem with that. They do what they have to do and they love their club.

“They see that as a treason or that I betrayed them but it’s not that. I’m not like that. I just look what’s best for me and that’s what Bacary Sagna did, what Emmanuel Adebayor did and what Kolo Toure did.

“For the fans the only reason has to be for the money. But it isn’t just for the money.

“Of course, it’s a factor and it’s ­important. But if someone earns £200,000-a-week, £150,000 or £100,000-a-week, it’s not that which is going to make a difference or an ­impact on your life, so that’s not true.”

Any Gooners care to comment?

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  1. squiggle says:

    He’s not from London; he’s from France. And they don’t like him there, either.

    I find the booing silly and pointless; if they want to change jobs then they can change jobs. But Nasri is such a petulant little twit that I find it harder to have sympathy in his case than in most.

  2. Victor says:

    I Totally agree with Nasri, he’s even had the good grace to highlight the reason why he doesn’t think we will be their main challenger due to a lack of central defensive midfielder and a centre half. I have never understood this booing nonsense i think the best way is to ignore the player totally. whats the point in booing. I guess if the arsenal fans cant take a hint when its smack bang in your face then you would have proven Nasri right. Ignore the cunt and lets cheer on those in the red and white whilst they are with us. Remember Gooners the years of Tony Adams have gone, players want more money with trophies i guess.

  3. The Cabbie says:

    Seeing that it does not worry him he goes on about it a lot.
    When you leave a club you do it with class ,Nasri you don’t have it.
    Have you wondered why you will not get French call up

  4. savage says:

    inasri is a good player but boy is he a man child, he refused to shake gallas’s hand when he left to spurs on a count of “he was greedy and left for the money”

  5. __wowza says:

    even if it was for the money, most people seem to forget that this is a job.

    if you were to leave a company for a rival company where you’d get more prestige and a bigger paycheque, would you expect your friends, family and co-workers to call you a traitor? no. it’s a job. you should be going wherever is willing to pay you the most.

  6. Skankoneup says:

    He looks like a lesbian.

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