Lukas Podolski Set To Make Acting Debut In German Comedy Movie ‘Macho Man’

Chris Wright

29th, October 2014

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By Chris Wright


“Thanks to the entire crew, had a great time! Looking forward to watching the result…” (poldi_official/Instagram)

We’ve seen a healthy glut of footballers make the jump to the big screen over the years; whether we’re talking Vincent Jones’ lucrative “silent thug-for-hire” shtick, Eric Cantona’s arthouse lager advert masterpieces, Andres Iniesta’s unforgettable turn as an animated albino pirate or even John Terry’s mesmerisingly erotic film debut, “Seduction”…


Joining that stellar pantheon is one Lukas Podolski who, obviously at a bit of a loose end at Arsenal these days, has begun taking acting gigs on the side.

Indeed, with production already under way, the German striker has bagged a small role in an upcoming comedy film set in his hometown of Cologne.

The movie, called “Macho Man”, is based on a prize-winning novel by author Moritz Netenjakob, with the official press release reading something like this:

[Macho Man is a] comedy shot with German actors Christian Ulmen and Aylin Tenzel.

The main character, Ulmen, is the opposite of macho and wins the heart of Tenzel, but Tenzel’s Turkish family wants a real man.

That’s when the fun starts.

Podolski was also on hand to explain his small but ultimately scene-stealing role, telling Film Starts:

“The movie is shot in my hometown, Cologne. I’ve grown up, and I have started my career here.

“My scene is in the stadium, and I think it’s really funny. Totally fits me, and I am delighted to be on board.

“I can’t wait to see the final result at the premiere in a Cologne cinema.”

Sadly we’ve got bad news if you’re desperate to witness Poldi’s acting chops first hand – Macho Man isn’t due for release until October of 2015.

The waiting is the hardest part.

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1 Comment

  1. Kingsland101 says:

    Cantona was in ‘Looking for Eric’, to be fair as himself so not really ‘acting’, but that’s worth a mention rather than the beer ads. It’s actually a really really good film.

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