Why Andrey Arshavin Will Never Ride A Horse Again

Chris Wright

24th, March 2010


By Chris Wright

It’s been a few weeks, so it’s high time to dip back into Andrey Arshavin‘s official website – which comes highly recommended by Pies.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Andrey runs a regular Q&A session with his fans and the little Russian meerkat’s answers are usually pure deadpan gold.

This week’s highlight comes after a reader asked whether or not Andrey has ever ridden a horse (and, if not, would he consider it)?

Arshavin: “Actually, I once rode a horse bareback in the village. It was very slippery, I was a small boy then, I was barely holding its mane when suddenly it bolted and I almost fell into a pile of manure. After that, I never sat on a horse again.”

Truly astonishing, I think you’ll agree!

Here’s a few other choice cuts…

Q: Reader: “What do you think of ideological anarchism?”

A: Arshavin: “In order to give you an exhaustive explanation, I should thoroughly study this subject. So far I can’t say anything.”

Q: Reader: “I had a dream tonight and for some reason, your face was all covered in freckles! Do you have freckles? If you do, do you always have them or they just appear in the springtime?”

A: Arshavin: “Perhaps it was a color dream, where there was a lot of sun, because I have freckles only when I sunbathe a lot.”

Q: Reader: “Andrey, would you like to take part in some TV show? For example ‘Dancing on Ice’?”

A: Arshavin: “If I took part in this show, it should be renamed ‘A Cow on Ice'”

The man’s a legend!