Arsenal Mastermind

Ollie Irish

27th, April 2007


I’m a heterosexual guy but Cesc Fabregas is cuter than a basket full of baby squirrels. And Jens Lehmann knows f-all about squad shirt numbers… anyway, click on to see who is the Arsenal Mastermind champions [spotted on Guardian Unlimited]

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  1. ballack's missing hair says:

    bobby pires for the win!
    oh, cesc.

  2. hippo says:

    haha gotta love kolo toure.

  3. ana-ysabel says:

    Yes Fabregas is so cute! Senderos’ excitement at his win was great! Jens’ attitude toward shirt number questions was like who cares lol.

  4. jamilinho says:

    haha good stuff, im a chelsea fan and even i had to laugh at toure’s glee. jens affirmed my suspicions of being a dick, though.