Deceased Arsenal Fan Has Pop At Ex-Gunner Alexander Hleb From Beyond The Grave

Alan Duffy

20th, August 2015

Alexander Hleb was a bit of a Marmite player during his time with Arsenal. Capable of the most incredible dribbles followed by the most inept shooting, the Belarusian ball player never quite made the most of his talents with the Gunners, before moving to Barcelona for £12million (where he once again failed to deliver on a consistent basis).

When lifelong Arsenal fan Geof Cohen passed away, his son Howard decided to remember his father’s disdain for Hleb on one of the many memorial stones outside the Emirates Stadium. Cruel yet hilarious…


Here’s Cohen Jnr’s explanation which he posted on Twitter…


Gooners do love a good moan, don’t they – dead or alive! Personally, I loved Hleb, by the way!

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