Bayern Munich Supporters’ Group Thank Arsenal Fans For Applauding Their Ticket Price Protest

Chris Wright

21st, October 2015



Droves of Bayern Munich fans purposefully missed the first five minutes of last night’s Champions League tie against Arsenal in protest over the exorbitant £64 ticket price at the Emirates.

In comparison, the cheapest season ticket at the Allianz Arena is around £104.

Anyway, having missed roughly £4’s worth of the match, the Bayern fans began to mill into the away section and find their seats, as the home fans applauded their efforts en masse.

The show of support didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated, with Bayern fan group Club Nr.12 taking the time to thank their Arsenal counterparts on Twitter after the match…

Here’s an original, perhaps overly naive thought – why not just simply stop paying £64 a pop in the first place?

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  1. Bear says:

    I would agree, but for fans like those of Bayern, not providing support is a worse gesture. It’s the Arsenal fans who should be boycotting, but it seems the fact that they didn’t fill the Emirates from its opening was a partially contributing factor to the rise in ticket prices. Well, that and the fact the monstrosity was built in the first place.

    The responsibility should be placed on the applauding home fans who still shell out 65 quid per game without question.

  2. Liam says:


    You Arsenal fans have no place to talk about success! You’ve won two FA cups in the last decade. That’s one more than Wigan!

  3. im_so_angry_i_made_a_sign says:

    “I’m so angry about ticket prices that I decided to pay them anyway -as well as flights and hotels- and then not even watch some of the game in protest… but then finished my 5 minutes of holding a sign and went back to being a good little supporter. I tell ya – If that doesn’t have the execs at the top of the game shaking in their boots and showing them whose boss, I don’t know what will!”

    As if those at the top give a fuck what you do once you’ve paid your money. Fucking retards deserve to be exploited.

  4. Sparx says:

    Funny how you guys slating Arsenals lack of success not saying who you support isn’t it?!

    I agree Arsenal haven’t done the greatest in the last decade but the stadium move saw to that. Staying in champions league spots with that squad at times was a miracle.

    I’m sure Kronke could have helped more but for some reason chose not to. In any case I see the tide turning our way quite soon. COYG

  5. Sparx says:

    Btw I thought Wigan were relegated the year they won the FA cup no ?!

  6. maria says:

    Sparx – you must have missed the BBCs ‘price of football’ articles last week. Arsenal are the most expensive in the country, your most expensive match day and season tickets are the 2nd most expensive in Europe after PSG!

    Check your facts before mouthing off eh? Typical gooner.

    /not a Spurs fan so keep your racist insults in check

  7. maria says:

    On that note – Chris Wright – aren’t comments moderated at all? I don’t expect to see racial slurs on Pies. Can’t believe you condone such behaviour…

    • Chris Wright says:

      @Maria: We try to keep it clean around here but some comments always slip through the filter. It’s been deleted now.

  8. Saucy says:

    All you people saying “They’re still going, bought lights blah blah”, they still go because they love their club abd have a passion. To spend all that time away from home, work and family I think 5 minutes of protest is a huge gesture and

  9. Sparx says:

    Yes Maria I saw the report. I also know as a season ticket holder that it costs me less than £1000 per year for 26 games. I think you will see that if you read a correctly calculated report you will see different figures. Ever heard of the BBC making up things to suit themselves.

    I don’t believe that I was shouting my mouth off. Just merely posting my opinion. Is that not allowed here?!

  10. Sparx says:

    P.s. I don’t think I was racist in any way but if I was I sincerely apologise!!

  11. Maria says:

    Sparx – Why would the BBC make any of it up? It doesn’t benefit them in any way to paint one team as more expensive than another. Maybe their figures can’t be trusted, but then whose figures can be?

    OK yes, if you buy 26 of the cheapest matchday tickets at the Emirates it’s cheaper than ten of the other PL clubs, including Spurs.

  12. Sparx says:

    Why don’t you ask them that question?

    I’m not overly happy with the prices but I love my team and I love going to see them play. If I don’t pay the price then someone else will so it would achieve nothing other than me missing out.

    We can all dream about cheaper tickets but don’t see it happening any time soon until then I will just suffer the costs

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