Leo Messi: Cesc Fabregas Has Barcelona ‘In His Blood’

Chris Wright

14th, April 2010


By Chris Wright

Lionel Messi has stated that he fully expects Arsenal talisman ‘Cesc Fabregas to rejoin his boyhood club Barcelona at some point in the near future – as the Gunner’s captain has the blaugrana ‘in his blood’.

Messi played alongside Fabregas in Barca’s La Masia youth academy before the Spaniard left to join Arsenal in 2003 at the tender age of 15 and, speaking to The Daily Express, the Argentinian wing-wizard believes that a return to the Catalan giants is on the cards;

“Cesc has a place for Arsenal in his heart, but he has Barcelona in his blood, he will want to win the biggest prizes in football, and I expect him to do that at Barcelona. I don’t exactly know when that will be, but I expect him to be my Barcelona team-mate again at some point.

I am sure that Arsene Wenger and Cesc have a father-son relationship and I know that he has a very special relationship with the Arsenal fans. When you grow up at a club, it is more than just a club. The coaches, the players, the people in the club will be like family.

But Barcelona is his city and it is the club of him and his family. There are only a few players in the world who can improve this squad we have but Cesc is one of them.”

Does that sound like tapping-up to you? Because it sure sounds like tapping-up to me.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    F*** off Messi, you c**t.

  2. Matt says:

    Lionel Messi has Crystal Palace in his blood.

  3. Rocker says:

    Hey! Mr Messi b kiaful n mine ur bussiness

  4. Jelly Bean says:

    Can’t help but think Messi has a point though, even if he should have kept his mouth shut. I’m not naive enough to think Cesc will always be at Arsenal, although I wish he’d stay for life!

  5. h says:

    Shut your tiny little trap Messi and concentrate on your own club.

    When Cesc does eventually leave at the age of 33 he will have won 7 premier league trophy’s back to back to back champions league medals and the 5 fa cups with THE ARSENAL > SO fuck off mate.

  6. the cannon says:

    kindly get fucked in the ass you little argie cunt

  7. LM10 says:

    Why is everyone bitching? Messi only stated the inevitable truth. I bet all you faggots still think C. Ronaldo is the best player too huh? You suckers are just jealous of Barca and Messi, especially Arsenal fans whose club will never win shit.

  8. DBag Alert says:

    DBag above, take care

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