Anti-Wenger Arsenal Fan Gets Tattoo Of Gunners’ Boss On Leg After Losing Bet (Video)

Alan Duffy

3rd, April 2016


You can always rely on Arsenal fans to provide us with a generous helping of entertainment. Famed for his anti-Arsene Wenger banners which have been unfurled at a number of Gunners’ games this season, ‘DT’ found himself in a right pickle after the international break.

Having promised to get an Arsene Wenger tattoo if Jamie Vardy scored for England against Germany, the big eejit had to made good on his pledge after the Leicester striker found the back of the net in Berlin.

Here’s the video evidence of the tattoo in question being etched into ‘DT’s leg via Arsenal Fan TV…

The finished article does include the ‘Thanks for the memories’ line from the infamous banner, so it shouldn’t irk DT too much…

When Wenger does finally go, what’ll Gooners fight about then?!

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  1. Daz says:

    What a twat this DT is. Most Gooners wishes he would F*** right off, the uneducated moron!

  2. Jarren says:

    What more does he want? With Wenger, Arsenal are virtually guaranteed Champions League football year in, year out.

    Also, under Wenger Arsenal are a joy to watch. Maybe they self implode a bit too often, but when they get it right they are the most entertaining team to watch in the UK.

    Be careful what you wish for, “DT”.

  3. Maria says:

    When Wenger does leave I can see Arsenal having similar problems as Man U after SAF left. When someone has been at a club so long it’s hard to adjust. They won’t do quite as badly as MU as they won’t appoint Moyes.

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