Match Of The Day Bring In Expert Goal Of The Season Panel To Scupper Arsenal Fans’ Voting Hijack

Alan Duffy

14th, May 2016


In order to stop another Arsenal fan takeover, the BBC have decided to change the voting procedure for the 2015/16 Match of the Day’s Goal of the Season competition.

Last season, Arsenal fans, famed for their massive social media presence, mobilised their numbers and voted Jack Wilshere’s decent (but hardly awe-inspiring) strike against West Brom to the top of the pile in the Goal of the Season competition, ahead of more worthy strikes from the likes of Bobby Zamora and Angel Di Maria.

Indeed, that was Wilshere’s second win a row, although the one from 2013/14 was far more deserving (that classic team goal v Norwich).

In light of that cheeky Arsenal voting hijack, which left Gary Lineker questioning the decision, the BBC bosses have decided that this season, a panel of experts will help choose the goal of the season.

The public vote will still be key to the decision, but this time the BBC panel will handpick their winner from the top three choices of the great unwashed. Sorry Gooners!

Can’t really argue with that!?

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  1. martin says:

    Now all Arsenal fans have to do is select an Arsenal goal and two of the most unimpressive ones from the rest…

    • juan franco not my real name says:

      You misunderstood. The people vote first like usual, then the BBC panel picks between the 3 most highly picked candidates.

  2. Jarren says:

    A great selection of superb goals to choose from this year, but it’s got to go to Hazard.

    Just a sublime strike.

    Special mention to Matt Ritchie too, a stunner.

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