Arsenal: Olivier Giroud Admits He Had An Irrational Childhood Fear Of The TV Sitcom Puppet ‘ALF’

Chris Wright

6th, November 2016


He may be a big, strapping lump of a man now but Olivier Giroud has admitted that, as an impressionable 10-year-old, he developed an irrational fear of 1980s sitcom puppet ALF.

Discussing the phobia in the Arsenal programme for today’s big ding-dong with Tottenham, Giroud revealed that his young soul was tormented by the very existence of ALF, the cat-eating alien star of the American sci-fi sitcom of the same name…

Perhaps ‘irrational’ isn’t the right word as, in all fairness to Monsieur Giroud, ALF was actually bloody terrifying – with his matted fur, rumpled skin, protruding fangs, elongated snout and eight stomachs…


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