‘Wexit’ – Arsenal Fans Hit New Low With Atrocious New Anti-Wenger Banner (Video)

Alan Duffy

11th, March 2017


Ahead of Arsenal’s 5-0 battering of non-league side Lincoln at the Emirates on Sunday, a gaggle of anti-Wenger fans staged a protest outside the ground.


At the front of the march was none other than an incredibly cringe-worthy ‘Wexit’ banner. Unless it was a clever piece of  satire on the lack of perspective of the modern football, of course (it wasn’t).

I wonder what the Wengeremainers have to say about that?

Rumour also has it that another anti-Wenger banner will be flown over the Hawthorns when Arsenal play West Brom next weekend.

The Frenchman is no doubt starting to know how David Moyes felt at Old Trafford.

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  1. Rob Carey says:

    who do they want as a manager that can do a better job competing against teams like Man City, Chelsea, with much more money than them?
    When they were winning the league there was only Man Utd as their challengers.

  2. VieuxSang says:

    You’re right Rob, but as a non-Arsenal fan, even I know you need a manager with the demeanor of a UFC fighter, who has set himself on fire. The gentle, Alsatian librarian is not putting the fear of God in those overpaid muppets you have kicking their feet at the moment.

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