Steady On: Dimwit Arsenal Fan Seriously Draws Parallel Between Arsene Wenger And Robert Mugabe (Video)

Chris Wright

14th, March 2017



Here we see the precise moment that the anti-Arsene Wenger movement (and football in general) began to eat itself as one dimwit fan likens Arsene Wenger’s rather successful 21-year reign at Arsenal to the untold bloodshed and tyranny Robert Mugabe has inflicted on Zimbabwe over the past three decades…

How do you counter that level of one-eyed idiocy?

“I used to live in Zimbabwe…”  Like that lends any credence to it!

Great opinion, moron.

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  1. WengerOut!!! says:

    Wenger killed my family

  2. We 5hit on Piers says:

    This utter bellend is now the figurehead for all supposed AFC supporters. Fackin cant. Take your latte drinking Upper Street Byron Burger eating 4rse logic and stuff it up your jacksie. Sideways.

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