Arsenal: Embarrassing Anti-Wenger Fan Sings Embarrassing Anti-Wenger Song (Video)

Chris Wright

22nd, March 2017



As if the street marches and the plane banners weren’t silly enough, one Arsenal fan has signalled the death knell for the entire Anti-Wenger movement by producing one of the most cringe-inducing protest songs you could possibly imagine.

Filmed alone in his bedroom, the fan warbles his way through his self-penned effort, which borrows a backing track from one of the most inspirational anthems in existence –  “Leave Right Now” by Will Young…

Costa Rica. Genius.

If that’s not the most embarrassing thing you see today, then you have our sincerest condolences.

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  1. Bolu says:

    Earnestly hoped for a chair spin at “I couldn’t bare to lose Allegri”

  2. BigJ says:

    I hope Arsene stays forever so we can see more of these performances. Get a chorus line next time mate

  3. Brett Favre says:

    Jesus Christ, I thought Green Bay Packer Cheeseheads were pathetic.

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