Arsenal: Examining The Utter Madness Of The Militant ‘Wenger Out’ Campaign Phenomenon

Chris Wright

3rd, April 2017



With protest placards popping up in environs as unlikely as New Zealand, Minnesota and Wrestlemania in recent weeks, it would appear that the ‘Arsene Wenger Out’ campaign is now a truly global undertaking.

While it’s unclear how much of the international dissent is simply meme-based mirth, the polemic being fanned in and around the Emirates has now actually devolved into outbreaks of physical violence between warring clans on either side of the crevasse.

It’s not like anti-Wenger sentiment is a new thing, though in the past it has been largely confined to comments sections and fan forums. Now, slowly but surely, the ‘Wexit’ (*shudder*) movement is taking a nigh-on militant hue.

Basically, with all perspective and reason tossed wilfully to the wind, the more whinge-susceptible wing of Arsenal’s supporters are mobilising to collectively soil their nappies rail against an obdurate, ambitionless regime that finished way down in second place of the highest tier of English football last season.

So far we’ve seen actual fighting in the stands…

The coining and subsequent public deployment of the term ‘Wexit’ (*shudder*) during street marches…

Stirring anti-Wenger protest anthems being recorded…

The hiring of ‘battle bus-style’ protest vans…

The hiring of duelling protest planes


Concerted stabs at industrial (well, social media) sabotage…

Repeated attempts at this kind of thing…

Guys, do you not see? All this is f**king insane (not to mention completely embarrassing) and it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Yes, there are a few legitimate grievances buried beneath all the faux-uproar, but in an age when entire football clubs are going to the wall due to inept and/or negligent ownership and/or debts amounting to less than Mesut Ozil’s weekly wage, maybe it might be worth taking a step back outside the bubble and reassessing your ire.

For Arsenal, they’ll always be next year. Many clubs can’t guarantee themselves the same luxury.

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  1. Black Bloc says:

    Imagine how Donald Trump feels! I’ve called for his ouster several times myself.

  2. Jarren says:

    Once Wenger leaves, Arsenal will rise from the sea.

    Much like Godzilla.

    And they will breathe small innocuous flames, and stamp on small cardboard buildings, and tread on 1/64 scale Matchbox cars from 1973.

    Everyone will pretend to be frightened that ARSENAL are back.

    But they won’t be. They’ll just be a shell.

  3. Marvin says:

    Sad and pathetic really. I, for one, hope Wengers stays… at least until Christmas. Then gets sacked.
    Because that will mean next year’s campaign is down the toilet as well ;)

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