Arsenal: Presenting The Strangest, Saddest, Most Embarrassing ‘Wenger Out’ Protest Yet (Photos & Video)

Chris Wright

4th, April 2017



Just when you thought the ‘Wenger Out’ campaign had reached its nadir, two pillocks in cardboard masks come along to prove you quite wrong.

For outside Arsenal’s London Colney training centre at 9am this very morning, journalists were met by this truly embarrassing tableau…

Armed with an array of banners and props, including two cuddly dogs and a homemade ‘trophy for fourth place’, a pair of diligent Wenger-Outers positioned themselves next to the gate in a brave, defiant protest against the current Gunners regime.

Pathetic. How can two grown men not find something better to do with their time first thing on a Tuesday morning?

And, moreover, when is this truly embarrassing non-palaver going to end?