‘Winger Out’ – Ethiopian Arsenal Fan Responsible For Mispelled Wenger Protest Banner Claims Error Was Intentional

Chris Wright

25th, April 2017

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Photo: Ashley Weston/CameraSport/Getty Images

Not so very long ago, with the ‘Wenger Out’ campaign at full bonk, one particular protest banner went viral after it was unfurled at an Ethiopian football match.

This was because it appeared to feature not one, but two of the internet’s twin obsessions, namely Arsene Wenger and a bonus spelling mistake.

However, according to the man responsible, it would appear that the banner wasn’t printed in error, nor was it a call for Theo Walcott to be ousted from the Arsenal squad.

Indeed, local artist Tadele Roba has claimed that the ‘mistake’ was in fact a deliberate ruse to garner more attention from around the world.

Here’s Ethiopian blogger Zecharias Zelalem (@ZekuZelalem) with the pertinent details…

Yeah, in all honesty, we’re not entirely certain we believe him either – though it would take a special kind of berk to get 50% of the words wrong in a two-word protest slogan.

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