Arsenal: Alisher Usmanov Lodges (And Reportedly Fails With) £1bn Bid To Buy Out Stan Kroenke

Chris Wright

19th, May 2017



It’s being reported that Alisher Usmanov, the Russian billionaire who owns a minority stake in Arsenal, has lodged a $1.3billion (approx. £1billion) bid to buy out his rival shareholder, Stan Kroenke.

Usmanov currently owns 30% of the club as opposed to Kroenke, who owns a controlling 67% stake in the Gunners.

According to the Financial Times, the offer was made last month and, though Kroenke is yet to reject it outright, the American reportedly has absolutely no intention of selling up at any point in the near future.

He (Kroenke) is understood not to have dismissed the idea out of hand at first.

However, he has since informally indicated he is not interested in selling to Mr Usmanov or anyone else.

While the pair have been at loggerheads for years, Usmanov is said to be “increasingly concerned” about the lack of investment being made in the club by ‘Silent Stan’ and his board, from which the Uzbekistan steel magnate has been excluded.

What with the distinct possibility of Arsenal missing out on £50million’s worth of Champions League revenue next season, Usmanov was apparently hoping to strike while the iron was tepid.

Cynics have posited that the move may be a concerted effort to flush out new buyers and inflate the price, but something tells us exasperated Arsenal fans shouldn’t go getting their hopes up.

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  1. Archer says:

    The recent treatment of Usmanov by the Arsenal board is nothing short of pathetic. All Kroenke seems to want to do is wring out Arsenal for every cent he can.

    Despite his apparent love for Arsenal, I think Usmanov should now do the opposite – say ‘bollox to y’all’ and sell up; then go and find another Prem or half-decent European club to invest in.

  2. milt_palacio says:

    Finishing well out of reach of both the local league and the Champions League, yet still always considered a top-10 club in Europe and pretty much able to print money. 1 BN for 67% is pathecically low for such an investment. Should actually be close to 5 BN, considering the prices lame-ass NBA and NFL franchises are able to generate.

  3. Mike says:

    Time for him to join Moshiri at Everton.

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