Shit Football Ink: Alexandre Lacazette On Lookout For Arsenal Fan Who Had French Striker’s Face Tattooed On Derrière

Alan Duffy

17th, July 2017


Alexandre Lacazette is on the lookout for an Arsenal fan who had the French hitman’s face tattooed on his backside.

Arsenal fan and Twitter user @sxmleach promised to undergo the radical ink if Lacazette signed on the dotted line for the Gunners.

So, when the Lyon man officially joined the Gunners, @sxmleach impressively kept his word and got the Frenchman’s face tattooed on his bottom…



The Darren Bent comment is a bit harsh!

Not surprisingly, this incredible feat of cheeky fandom went viral on Twitter.

It ultimately caught the eye of none other than Lacazette himself, who took to Twitter  to find the identity of the man (and arse) behind the story, and to give him a Gunners’ shirt.

Welcome to the bizarre world of Arsenal Twitter, Alexandre!

Although don’t be surprised to see a spike in football fan tattoos, all in the hope of getting the attention of, and maybe a meeting with, their idol.

(I’m getting Liam Brady inked on my privates as we speak.)

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  1. jackie wilshere says:

    brady would come out looking like churchill hahaha

  2. Jester Minute says:

    Jesus that looks awful. Complete Darren Bent! And getting a tattoo for Lacazette? Maybe for Mbappe…

  3. Cornholio says:

    Hahaha!! Looks more like Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I wonder if Lacazette is a Tom Jones fan too.

  4. Dave says:

    Everybody loves Parking Pateweyo.

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