Jack Bites Back: Wilshere Hit By Late Challenge, Sent Off For Brawling With Children In Arsenal Under-23 Fixture (Video)

Chris Wright

22nd, August 2017


If you’re wondering what Jack Wilshere is up to at the moment, then wonder no longer – for he turned out for Arsenal’s Under-23 side at the Emirates last night in a Premier League 2 match against Man City on Monday evening.

However, Wilshere’s attempts to play his way back into the first-team picture at Arsenal ended prematurely in the 63rd minute when the former England international was hit by a hard buffeting from City midfielder Matt Smith.

Of course, Jack being Jack, he immediately started a fight with his 17-year-old adversary and promptly got sent off for his troubles…

Wilshere was still in spiky form after the match when he happened across a match report from The Sun that described his “shock” red card  as a “new low” in his fragmented career…

You might argue that it’s perfectly natural for a player who is still recovering from a fractured leg to take umbrage at such a rash tackle, especially in a largely irrelevant academy game, but hey ho.

Anyway, Wilshere will not be banned from any senior fixtures as a result, but will be forced to miss three non-senior matches as penance for his crimes.


The saga continues…

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  1. pallosalama says:

    ManC number 8 was a true baby. After tackling very hard, W pushed from chest, number 8 was keeping the face like punched by Boxer. “And the side Oscar goes …. ManC number 8”

  2. Steve says:

    As much as I detest Wilshere’s arrogance and “hardman” attitude, like the the kid with a brother 3 years older. I’m glad he went stood up for himself, sure he didn’t cover himself in glory but when you’ve been injured that many times and a young kid deliberately clatters you in a nothing game then that’s the sort of reaction you’re going to get

  3. Jesterminute says:

    No. 8. Matt Smith. Looks like a right little bellend.

  4. Archer says:

    Like Jack, im a bit sick of this meeja ‘witch-hunt’ against him. It’s disappointing more than anything: Wilshere is by far Englands best central midfielder on his day. Ok, maybe there are temperament issues, but it would only benefit the rest of the country if he were encouraged and ‘nursed’ back to full health.

  5. ron says:

    “Tackle”? He just ran straight into him. F that guy and F him for falling over. If you’re going to act tough, don’t turn around and be a pussy. I’d have punched him in the face.

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