Arsenal: Ian Wright Goes In Two-Footed On Mesut Ozil After Latter Implores Club Legends To ‘Stop Talking And Start Supporting’

Chris Wright

4th, September 2017


Arsenal legend Ian Wright has bitten back at Mesut Ozil after the latter politely requested that overly critical ex-Gunners should “stop talking and start supporting” the current team in a social media message posted recently.

Marking the fourth anniversary of his arrival at the Emirates, Ozil published a lengthy message on Facebook in which the nimble German forward made reference to the nigh-on constant, one-note criticism he continuously receives from all and sundry all the time.

The pertinent passage of Ozil’s message reads thus:

Personally I’ve had to accept a lot of criticism during my time in London. ‘Too expensive, too greedy, bad body language, and lacking fight’ – this is what people have said about me.

Some of these comments are made by those who do not know me, some are made by former players – both successful and unsuccessful during their time here at the club.

Although criticism is something that all football players have to deal with, I nevertheless expected legends to behave like legends – my advice to these former Gunners: stop talking and start supporting!

However, provoked by Ozil’s comments, Wright exercised his right to reply by dismissing the 28-year-old’s pleas entirely, instead imploring Ozil to prove his commitment to the Arsenal cause by contractually lashing himself to the sinking ship.

Speaking as a guest on BBC Radio 5 Live, Wright remonstrated:

Sign a contract if you feel that strongly about people criticising the team because you’re somebody who is integral to Arsenal’s success.

You’re not signing a deal and you’re probably going to continue to hide behind the fact that (Alexis) Sanchez is the one that everybody’s going to say, “Is he going to go?”.

Why haven’t you signed yet? That’s what I would say to you. If you feel that strongly, why haven’t you signed yet?

A player that is not actually performing on the pitch is coming out, calling people out and he’s not signing a contract.

It’s laughable.

Bloody hell, the entire atmosphere around Arsenal has become so completely toxic of late. Are things really *that* bad? We suspect not, but the club’s obnoxious spoilt-brat brigade have exacerbated the vitriol beyond all reason.

If you were Ozil, would you really want to stay around beyond the end of the season, going almost entirely unappreciated while people continue to harp on about how much of a disappointment you are every single week?

No wonder he’s struggling to reach his imperious best.

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  1. Bruno says:

    Ozil is too lazy but Ian Wright speaking about contracts is just nonsense. Ozil will sign if he wants to. He’s never been a fighter, it has nothing to do with a new contract. Both are idiots.

    I promise myself that this is the last time I read something about Arsenal/Arsene/Ozil/Sanchez. It’s too boring

  2. Besa37 says:

    Ozil won the world champion with Germany. He is always selected on the team in all qualifying games, he plays 90 min, never been substituted for. Now, soccer is team sport, it is not golf. He shows frustration because of the lack of effort from his teammates. Finally, people don’t realize that when Arsenal acquired Ozil from Real Madrid, there was a buy-back clause that requires Madid to approve any Arsenal trade of Ozil, and they take a share of the transfer fee that Arsenal receives. Next year, he will be a free agent, with all the criticism from Arsenal fans, and those who are handed a mic, why you think he will be with Arsenal next year.

  3. DC says:

    Absolutely hate the idea that a player or manager is expected to show loyalty to a club by signing a long-term contract. Mesut and Alexis (Messi too) are great to remind us that the players are meant to have the power. Let them be loyal servants until their contract ends, then if they’ve had a good experience and felt the club supports them then there’s no reason why they wouldn’t sign a new one– look at Zlatan for instance. If anything all the contract talk encourages the players to think the club and fans are only interested in their long-term servitude and a guarantee they’ll get a high fee if the player decides to leave. Not all players are mercenaries but they’ll act that way if you treat them like it

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wright is wright (see what I did there?). If Mesut is so concerned about AFC he’d had committed himself on paper and on the field – he has done neither. Anyone who thinks at least half is focus is not on a move out of AFC either in Jan or summer is deluded. Typical selfish footballer: he demands the ex-players who care about “their” club only say nice and lovely things about a group of papmpered millionaires who couldn’t give a fuck whether they win or lose and can’t even be bothered to put 90 mins of effort in once a week, let alone show commitment by signing a new deal. Whilst a tiny bit of credit is due to Mesut for putting himself in the firing line whilst 10 others hide under the duvet like scared little boys hoping everyone will just forget, Mesut still has NO PLACE complaining and AFC have no one but themselves to blame for being in this situation. If you are not signed with 1 year left, you are sold or sitting in the reserves for 12 months, end of story (really should be 2, either way this situation never occurs). If you are not going to give 100% every game, you are in the reserves and your spot goes to some one else until you are sold or start performing. It’s not rocket surgery.

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