Tuesday 10: Thierry Henry quotes

Ollie Irish

26th, June 2007


ThierryHenryquotes.jpg1 “In my head I’m still an Arsenal player and my departure is not a current issue.”
Responding to speculation linking him with a move to Barca a couple of weeks ago with a very honest answer…
2 “Arsenal will be in my blood as well as my heart. I will always, always, always remember you guys. I said I was going to be a Gunner for life and I did not lie because when you are a Gunner you will always be a Gunner. The club is in my heart and will remain in my heart forever.”
Envisaging Ian Wright rather than Ashley Cole-style visits to the Emirates!
3 “I’m not a machine.”
Quelling the Terminator rumours amid a loss of form.

4 “People are talking about me more than they talk about Eastenders.”
Showing that even park benchies know what’s happening on the custard and jelly.
5 “Next time I’ll learn to dive maybe, but I’m not a woman.”
Responding to accusations that he cheated against Spain in last summer’s World Cup.
6 “Sometimes in football you have to score goals.”
Tel proves he is one of football’s radical thinkers.
7I look at Paul Dickov, the way he moves as he’s always moving everywhere for another type of game, Kevin Davies, to see what he does, and to annoy players.”
Citing his role models.
8 “I would love this place to be my garden.”
On taking his Flymo to Highbury.
9 “People in France and some over here are still saying I am going to leave. I am not going to leave. Never. I am staying here for life. I have no intention of walking out on this club, whatever the situation is. At no stage this season have I ever thought about leaving. I love the club, I love the fans and I am 100% behind the boss.”
March this year and Tel’s still gushing.
10 “The referee saw a handball when there wasn’t a handball. You will have to ask him why this is so. He gave me a yellow for a deliberate handball but if you can see that on the replay I’ll give you whatever you want.”
Pimping himself out over refereeing decisions.

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  1. Adam says:

    As much as I like Henry, those quotes aren’t anywhere near as good as the Best Quotes of the Season from Last month

  2. Rob P says:

    Well, yeah Adam, that sort of goes without saying because they are the best quotes from everyone…!

  3. Lukasz says:

    He also said Va Va Voom

  4. Bisi says:

    Very interesting. His undoing has always been his honesty. Henry, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Continue being you. We love it so.