First Touch Of The Gods: Three Heavenly Minutes Of Dennis Bergkamp And His Flawless Ball Control (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, January 2018


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Dennis Bergkamp was very good at football. He scored lots of memorable goals, won lots of trophies and even forged himself an ice-cold nickname.

He was also very good at controlling the football and particularly adept at using his body as a shield to simultaneously bring in a wayward pass on a tractor beam and then flit away from his marker in one fluid movement. He did it all the time and it was great. He was great.

There’s no focus on goals or flouncy skills in this here compilation, just three heavenly, uninterrupted minutes of Dennis the Deft (*which isn’t the cool nickname we referred to earlier) pulling difficult balls out of the ether and caressing them gently on their way…

Yep. Dennis Bergkamp was good at football.

Very, very good.

(Video: Moustapha Lee)