Punditry Will Eat Itself: Garth Crooks Admonishes Alexandre Lacazette For Ruining Superb Goal Against Everton With ‘Spine-Chilling’ Celebration

Chris Wright

24th, September 2018


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Garth Crooks has once again proved that, from atop his sage perch, he sees football entirely unlike you or Pies.

Where the rest of us saw Alexandre Lacazette break the stalemate in Arsenal’s favour with a precise finish against Everton on Sunday afternoon, Crooks saw only grief, misery and decay.

As part of his legendarily odd ‘Team of the Week’ round-up, the Beeb’s resident woemonger lambasted Lacazette for spoiling all of his positive work at the Emirates by celebrating afterwards.

In the end, one goal was enough to win the game against Everton, and when you score a superb goal like Alexandre Lacazette’s one for Arsenal, you are entitled to celebrate.

What I don’t get is the appalling disco jig that follows. Why spoil such a wonderful finish with such a spine-chilling dance? What’s wrong with punching the air or running to the crowd?

For the benefit of those who may have missed such a craven display of egomania, Lacazette celebrated by doing the ‘strut’ that seems to be shared among several members of the France national team.

‘Spine-chilling disco jig’. Just meditate on those words for a moment or two.

Arsenal also won by two goals, just for the record.

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  1. Maria says:

    Video won’t play for me, but was his celebration more Fortnight nonsense?

    Don’t diss Crooks please, his formula of ‘if you score, you are in the team of the week’ is refreshingly brilliant. His unwavering commitment to it through the years is to be lauded.

    • Chris Wright says:

      @Maria: Not sure if it’s anything to do with Fortnite, but Laca just did the ‘swagger’ that (I think) was a Samuel Umtiti creation.

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