John Bercow went on GMB and shouted out Gunnersaurus

Ollie Irish

6th, October 2020

Former Speaker John Bercow went on GMB this morning and spoke very well about the chronic lack of accountability in the government. As he did so, you may have noticed, over his left shoulder, a picture of axed Arsenal mascot Gunnersaurus. Arsene Bercow knows.

John is, like GMB co-host Piers Morgan, a staunch Arsenal fan, and you have to imagine the placement of the big green dinosaur was a subtle – well, kind of subtle; how subtle can a big green dinosaur really be – criticism of the club’s decision to release the man inside the mascot suit.

Bercow isn’t the only one on this wagon. There’s a lot of love and sympathy out there for the big lad:

And a round of applause for whoever runs Sevilla’s English Twitter:

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