The Snapshot: Chile 0-3 Argentina, Fifa U20 World Cup semi final


20th, July 2007


Angel Di Maria (just signed by Arsenal, apparently) of Argentina celebrates scoring the first goal against Chile during their semi-final game at the Fifa U-20 World Cup, held at the National Soccer Stadium in Toronto, Canada. It was a very ill-tempered game that ended with ugly scenes after the final whistle; Chile also had two men sent off. What is it with these crazy South Americans and Latin types? They’re such bad losers. Anyhoo, watch video highlights of the match after the click…
[Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images]

Argentina now play the Czech Republic in Sunday’s final.

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  1. Jay says:

    “What is it with these crazy South Americans and Latin types? They’re such bad losers.”
    Does the word prejudice mean anything to you?
    Do you have anything to say about black players or would that be too obvious?

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Jay, I’ve seen players from Chile and Uruguay (senior and junior teams) behave like spoiled brats recently when they’ve lost (and I remember Argentina’s players going nuts after being knocked out at the 2006 World Cup), and I’m used to it by now from Portuguese players. So I disagree with your comment.

  3. Jay says:

    From a few examples you were able to stereotype millions of people accusing them of being bad losers…
    Wouldn’t that be prejudicial?

  4. chris says:

    jay, i think you should remove your pc head from your pc a*se. what ollie meant was clearly that in his opinion all latin people are naturally inferior to everyone else, that they just cannot take losing as well as the vastly superior britains. hes also attending camp hitler this weekend. well , its either that or he is making a light hearted point on a COMEDY blog that recent episodes seem to indicate south american players have a much more fiery attitude. some might say this is a good thing, that it shows the passion the england team clearly lack. many people, including myself, and i suspect ollie also judging from the tone of his article when read with COMMON SENSE, would say the ideal is somewhere in between. are you prejudiced against us for this opinion? you seem to me to be another mouthpiece to the self styled ‘tolerant’ movement of political correctness which is in fact the most intolerant movement around, since it is not allowed for anyone to have an opinion other than the ‘accepted ‘line. final point, for fooooks sake lighten up!

  5. Jay says:

    I understand that the blog is supposed to be a light hearted one and it is most of the time and that is one of the reasons I come here, but I think one can be funny without resorting to prejudicial stupidity.
    I bet a lot of the people manking monkey noises, chanting anti-semitic lyrics in the stands share your point of view about prejudice, political correctness and all that stuff about common sense and a*ses.

  6. chris says:

    you people in the pc brigade just dont get it do you?! you go on about everyone being the same, but they arent, the difference between youre average what i would call common sense thinker, and your raxist making monkey noises, is that the racists think these differences make other people inferior, the normal folk think they just make them different, no better, no worse. for you to have accused the writers of this blog of prejudice is ludicrous, because prejudice by definition is discrimination on the basis of race colour or creed,but the same pies writers who critisised the south americans, also critisise the england team for their faults, and every otherteam nationality and in all every other person in the footballing world for their faults, if all they ever critisised was south americans, or one particular group of people then i think youre point would be valid, but it just doesnt stand up.

  7. joe says:

    I absolutely abwhore (I think thats the right spelling) gorilla grunting, nazi soluting, racist fans. I absolutely side against people like Aragones and Di Canio and see them as a disgusting side of football. However, there are a disproportionate number of incidents of poor sportsmanship and outright dirty play put on by “latin players”. That is to say: Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and dare I say…Brazil (Recall Rivaldo’s disgusting and successful attempt to get to get a Turkish player sent off at the ’02 world cup.) There are certain sides, many of whom happen to be of latin lineage who have descended to very cheap tactics. This is a fact and people need to accept it. Portugal are an absolute disgrace to watch. Players like Deco and Ronaldo, both arguably among the top 10 in the world are constantly caught on replay CHEATING. This is not racism! Its facts backed up by video evidence. Stop playing stupid.

  8. Kelty says:

    The IRONY of it all is that all the police had to do is lightly kick the Chileans in the shins and they all would have went down like they were shot. Perhaps that is the ‘police brutality’ they speak of. At least the referee could take a punch and not go down.
    Attacking the referee and then the police…well… it’s not the Chilean’s fault. Did the police go after the losing teams like they did the Chileans? If that’s the case then I pity the poor Canadian soccer players.

  9. Fran says:

    Most of these comments are really not fair. Chile has played really well in this tournament and at least deserves respect. In terms of the ref, well, as the commentator said, “The ref has lost the plot”. This is shown clearly by a comparison of stats of past fifa world cups. The amounts of cards handed out were over the top and the game was not that dirty (diving sucks but I’m not referring to this tactic, which was mostly used by Argentina anyways). Face it, the south american teams played better than most countries (except the two european teams) – that’s why they are in the finals.
    I do not believe the police acted harshly due to racist reasons. I was in Edmonton during the Stanley Cup finals and they were jerks then too. However, some of the comments here are obviously racist.
    I hope we can get back to the issue of the soccer game and move on. If you feel the germans are better than latinos, then keep that to yourself. You’re only spreading hate.

  10. Georgie says:

    ummm “What is it with these crazy South Americans and Latin types?” wtf… seriously if you’re going to generalize south american people like that then you’re just ignorent… why don’t you talk about the europeans… atleast we aren’t the ones killing each other and starting fires in the field… but then again they’re white so it’s alright…WRONG! think twice before you want to talk about south americans and latins

  11. Sebastian Reyes says:

    I think all your all a bunch of ignorant fucks. Can’t you tell the chilean team was robbed. Soccer means the world to us and when some shit like this happends, ofcourse we are gonna be pissed. We were robbed. If you can’t tell your all dumb fucks. Don’t hate on our race casue were just proud people and don’t like to be humilialet…your all natzis fucks just like that bought REf..FUCK YOU all and fuck canada racist mother fuckers…

  12. Anonymous says:

    I want to talk to this journalist’s supervisor and tell them that they should be fired!

  13. Canuck says:

    hey hey, slow down there chucky(georgie)
    they incident happened in toronto, the most cultural diverse city in the world. We have the whole world in one city. You will never know what its like to sit inside a stadium, right next to someone from a “rival” country and cheer on your team, and sharing laughs with the oppositions fans.
    to say that canadians are racist is like saying that you are an educated individual. (a complete farse)
    the chilean team was robbed? No my ignorant friend, the chilean kids didn’t know how to handle the pressure of the match. Yes the reff was in over his head, but that team was going to get beaten’ no matter who was reffin’ the game.