van Persie not bothered about scoring


30th, July 2007


Now that Henry’s off enjoying the siestas at Barcelona, it’s up to Robin van Persie to step up and be the main goal threat at Arsenal, right? Wrong. According to the Dutchman, goals aren’t all that important, a bit over-rated really: “It’s not my aim to be the top scorer. My aim is to play good football with this team. I think we showed that against Inter. A lot of players are saying ‘oh, I have to be the top scorer’. But for me the first thing is to play football. Of course there are lots of responsibilities because you are playing in front of 60,000 people.”
After all who cares about a goal when you can hurt the opposition just as much with a few neat dribbles and nut-megs, hey Arsene? What is this – a cosy/ cosy approach for those players too scared to take a shot on goal? Just dress the opposition goalies up as a page 3 girls, and you’ll be batting the players off with pointy sticks.

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  1. Adam says:

    As long as he keeps putting them in the net like he did against Inter, I don’t really care how sad it makes him!

  2. jck says:

    Maybe you should have linked to his cracker of a goal from yesterday instead of taking yet another arbitrary pot shot at Wenger and Arsenal!

  3. harry says:

    Why didn’t you talk about the Emirates Cup instead of being mean to Arsenal… AGAIN!

  4. Jim says:

    Yes the constant negative Arsenal posts are beginning to grate a bit pies….

  5. Olstar says:

    I enjoy the negative Arsenal posts they are very amusing. keep it up!