Should Arsenal axe Jens Lehman?


23rd, August 2007


lehmannnnn.gif‘Mad Jens’ Lehman literally handed Blackburn the equaliser at Ewood Park on Sunday with his second goalkeeping gaffe in as many games.
The spiky German has been starring in his very own bloopers reel this season after an equally embarrassing lapse of concentration on the opening day, when he allowed David Healy to nip from close range.
Wenger has dropped him for Manuel Almunia before – and also has a the young Pole, Lukasz Fabianski, waiting in the wings.
Should Jens be given another chance to establish his self proclaimed superiority over his goalkeeping understudies or, in Lehman’s terms, should he just be axed for being crap?

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  1. Kipp says:

    This question is up there with, should we cure cancer? yes or no

  2. HeyDingis says:

    Seeing as how City make the trip to Emirates this weekend, I think the Arse HAS to let Jens have another chance.

  3. gabie says:

    He should be given another chance, if he learns that he can’t be over confident about being a more established GK, he still has to keep his eye on the ball 100% of the time and make sure he can save those attempt on goal.

  4. ballack's missing hair says:

    should jol be sacked? are citeh strong enough to hold on to top spot? will styles’s mistake have a damning effect on liverpool’s challenge for the title?
    being a bit hasty here, are we?

  5. Gooneriano says:

    As frustrating as it is i think we should lay off Jens a bit. He is still a great goalkeeper. Nobody complained when he didn’t lose the first 40 odd league games that he played for us….
    How easy it is we forget.

  6. Olly says:

    He should be dropped for being a stupid german tosser.

  7. I think Jens Lehman should be given the hair-dryer treatment just like Alex Ferguson does by Arsene Wenger.
    Looking at those errors he seems to have lost his concentration when it mattered most and as such misjudged his actions. He could be going through something and slightly unstable

  8. streamrdr says:

    Replace him. Let him prove he’s on his game in practice, not when it counts.

  9. 4L0M says:

    I wish they would axe him, he always saves my penalties on PES6…