Thomas Vermaelen Says Barcelona Are In Cesc Fabregas’ DNA

Chris Wright

7th, September 2010


By Chris Wright

Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen has wedged his Flemish size-9s firmly in his stroopwafel-hole by talking of the love that dare not speak it’s name at the Emirates i.e. the immortal bond which exists between captain Cesc Fabregas and his boyhood club Barcelona.

Vermaelen told talkSPORT;

“Cesc carries Barcelona in the heart, in his DNA…therefore it is impossible for him to forget about them. He was determined to go to Barça last summer, he more or less confessed it in the dressing room. But that is past history.”

Cue the crickets and obligatory tumbleweeds, a coyote howls on a distant bluff…

“Now he is 100% ready to put his all in to a great season with Arsenal.”

It is too late young Padawan, the sacred vow is broken.

On a lighter note, it seems like Arsenal fans have still got about a year to say their goodbyes to Cesc.

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  1. They should have sold Fabregas and buy another good player: I thought Van der Vaart should have been good for 4-2-3-1….
    This can be a bad season for Arsenal with a captain no committed.

  2. dennis says:

    Stroopwafels are Dutch.

  3. Chris says:

    @dennis: Yeah I know. Sadly I don’t know the names of any specific Belgian cakes so that’s the closest I could get.

    I had stroopwafels in Belgium once (and very nice they were too), so I thought they’d do!

  4. dennis says:

    You can use ‘Luikse wafels’ (Waffles from Liege). ;)

    Of course this is not a very smart thing to do from Vermaelen, no question now that Fab wil be gone by the beginning of next season.

  5. greg m. says:

    I was really worried this last summer with all the talk of Cesc moving to Barca, and while I’m glad he didn’t move awat from Arsenal, I’m really surprised that talks are still going on about this. Barcelona just bought Mascherano, which would be another player (probably) playing ahead of him. Also, I heard(I believe on this website)Barcelona are in terrible debt. If Barca were going to buy Cesc, this passed summer would have been the time.

    But I’ll give it at least 2-3 years til he moves there, depending on Barcelona’s financial situation then.

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