Rapper Jay-Z Wants ‘A Percentage Of Arsenal’

Ollie Irish

14th, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

He’s got 99 problems and a decent keeper is one

Rap star Jay-Z has restated his desire to buy shares in Arsenal and even take a place in the Gunners’ boardroom.

Hova says that he and wife Beyonce Knowles would even move to London so he could be “involved in the decision-making” at Arsenal. He started following the club because he was friends with Thierry Henry.

The Jiggaman said: “We would have to spend much more time in London. ‘Bey’ knows how much I love sports and has known about my interest in Arsenal for a while.

“I never want to be a back-seat investor. I want to be on the board, involved in the decision-making… I’m at the stage of my career where I am ready for another investment like this.

“I have really got into soccer over the last 10 years and I’ve been saying for some time I want a percentage of Arsenal.”

Could you make this up? Probably, but I wouldn’t believe you. I can see Jay-Z and Arsene Wenger now, arguing over the merits of zonal marking, or trying to convince Peter Hill-Wood to sign ‘my boy’ Freddy Adu.

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  1. PhilandoTorres says:

    Those quotes look like a packet of bollocks.

    He’s got a miniscule stake in the New Jersey Nets, which is basically a PR excercise for the franchise (the most disgusting word in sport, by the way). His stake in the Nets brings much needed publicity to a shite team which nevertheless seems to have owners who are raking it in.

    Besides, MC Kroenke and the Get Debt Crew will be running the show in a year or two, so I expect Mr Zed’ll have to stay at home and fuck his beautiful wife.

  2. mrswoo says:

    If he’s that keen why doesn’t he buy Nina Bakewell Tart’s shares that are looking for a buyer.

  3. GoonerForLife says:

    NOOOOO!!!! Stay far away Jay-Z!

    U destroy everything for me, rap, coldplay, stay away from Arsenal please.

  4. edhehe says:

    for starters he called it soccer!!!

  5. Jigga-Gunner says:

    Come on the jiggaman getting involved would be awesome, Beyonce at the games and I’m sure he can facilitate Ryan Shawcross being quietly led out the back door!!! Jay-Z’s involvement would also highten our exposure in the states especially on the east coast, which could only lead to a good revenue stream for instance if we toured there such as Chelsea or Manure.

  6. Goooooner says:

    Fuck Jay-Z, and any other fucking moron that calls football ‘soccer’. It’s football, not that phaggy girl’s version of rugby those twats call football.

  7. UsefGooner says:

    heck no! the guy wanted to buy crystal palace fc because he likes the name of the club!!!

  8. UsefGooner says:

    heck no! the guy wanted to buy crystal palace fc because he likes the name of the club!!! and he says soccer!!!

  9. Maybe Memphis Bleek will buy part of Spurs now.

  10. canada says:

    fuck off , you are into rap shit, leave the football for us, please dont get invovle, we dont need you

  11. The Belgian says:

    @ UsefGooner
    I think that was P Diddy

  12. theres only one John Tierney says:

    What the hell is wrong with saying soccer? It’s called that in Ireland too like

  13. Angus says:

    Kroenke won’t have it. He’s going to have to give up all his other sports holdings and make his 30 year old son in charge of them all in order to take over Arsenal. Do you think he’s going to cede anything to a minority stakeholder? No way (though Jay-Z could bring some new Wag to the table).

  14. Boltons Mum says:

    if he does by into the club, with almunia still as our keeper at least he’ll have an even 100 problems.

  15. markg says:

    noo, please don’t do this, it will be the fall of arsenal as a respectable football club. this guy is posion to everything he touches and knows nothing about football, maybe he should look into buying the new york red bulls or chicago fire instead, stay out of the emirates

  16. Idd Seif says:

    He might have a heart to love the club and the money to buy shares. My worry is how much does he know about football to contribute to the board let alone involve himself in the day to day running of the club.

    Sorry pal.

  17. Misiko says:

    It’s the right of every individual to have there thinking spoken out, wishes and fantasies can as well be subjected to judgement.Smart investors strike tangible,measurable and realistic deals,where there are many words folly is not absent.

  18. Fellaini's Fro says:

    I’ve got an excellant source that’s linked Gucci Mane to buying out Scunthorpe..

  19. Rikz says:

    Jay stay away!!

    The club is fine the way it is..we dont need the arsenal bench wearing new era, sequin kit or “r/coc-a-fella” on their shirts i love emirates.

    lol what does he know about football?


    So stay away..

  20. JOHN KAPPA says:

    You all are haters, what’s wrong with Jay Z wanting to buy into arsenal, because he’s a rapper? wears jeans and jackets? has a beautiful wife? WHAT? spit it out all of you who think you know better, all he’s saying is wanting to invest and if you don’t like it go fuck yourself or support KETTERING.I wonder what the responses would’ve been if it was BECKHAM wanting to invest.What do the arabians know about football, yet, they buy big clubs.

  21. benjamin says:

    yes i think will should give he a chains let give he some some of our shell to buy he is a nice guy

  22. DebS says:

    Of course he called it soccer, he’s an American. If you call it football here, they will think you’re talking about the NFL.

    And, as far as knowing what to do in the boardroom, he runs a multi-million(billion?) dollar empire. I think he knows a little bit about financial management and running a business. As to football…do you honestly think everyone already on the board or who owns stock, knows everything about football? I highly doubt it.

    I agree John Kappa, too many haters here and dare I say, probably from the other side of the pond. Guess our money’s not good enough for them :\

  23. RK says:

    Why is everyone bashing this guy? The guy obviously has a passion for the sport. I’ve heard about it for a while. Who cares if he’s calling it SOCCER. He’s speaking to the audience who calls it such. The USA isn’t the only place that calls it soccer. I would like if it were called football in the states, and american football be called throwball! haha. However it’s not the case. Anyways the English coined the term anyways, as much as they deny it. The guy claims to have watched all the seasons in the past 10 years, so I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about. Investors come from all parts of the world, and from all walks of life. Arsenal is close to being American owned already!

  24. RK says:

    Oh and FYI, some of the bench is already wearing the New Era. Holla!

  25. Benson Ugen says:

    If Jay Z is genuinely, interested let him come forward for detailed discussion, expression of interest is not enough, call football soccer has nothing to do with his desire, in Nigeria we call it soccer too.

  26. kirio says:

    Dis,as u call it these…is as clean as GOD…so is arsenal…so no DEVILworspher Mr.Jnr.lucifer.Don’t make us hate soccer or is it football…?Please,please…go on with ur own gods…!!!!666****^^^.HELLRAISER>>

  27. Mike says:

    When America own the whole league would they then be allowed to call it Soccer?

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