Emmanuel Eboue – what a colossal ________

Ollie Irish

10th, December 2007


77546090.jpgInsert your own swearword in the headline…
Seriously, I know Eboue wasn’t in our poll of most hated players in the Prem, but he really should have been. An oversight on our part.
The Ivorian might have been sent off twice over against Middlesbrough at the weekend. Once for a double-slap to the face of Emanuel Pogatetz (he connected with the second slap), twice for a deliberate raking of Stewart Downing’s thigh that could have resulted in a serious injury.
Arseblog, mysteriously, makes no mention of Eboue’s all-too-familiar petulance, which was there for all to see on Match of the Day 2 last night.
The Premier League would be a better place without the presence of children like Eboue.
Watch highlights from the game here.
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  1. Lew says:

    I had high hopes that Eboue would stop all that shit (a la C Ronaldo) and become a really useful player but he’s intent on remaining a petulant little twat. Most Gooners would be happier without him. It’s really starting to grate.

  2. Toxic says:

    Another one in the scummy you wouldn’t mind seeing on the end of a career threatener list, along with Lehmann, Savage, Hunt etc

  3. Zekky says:

    I hope they find a taker for him…I cannot take him, plays like a knob and constantly whines.
    Arsene, ship him out!! He’d be a nice fit in Italy!

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