What Is Arsenal’s Best Five-Aside Team?

Ollie Irish

27th, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

If you had to select the best 5-aside team from your club’s squad, who would be in it? There can be only five, as they once said in Highlander (sort of).

It’s a frivolous question, certainly, but one that should generate a good amount of debate, preferably with your mates down the pub.

I’ll start with Arsenal, simply because, er, they’re first in the Prem alphabet. Here’s my team:

MANUEL ALMUNIA – Much more suited to 5-aside, as his excellent reflexes are his main (only?) strength.

THOMAS VERMAELEN – Strong on the ball, attack-minded for a defender. Cracking shot on him, safe on the ball too. What’s not to like?

CESC FABREGAS – All day long. I imagine he’d be immense at five-aside. Great touch, great vision etc etc. I don’t really have to sell this selection, do I?

SAMIR NASRI – Boasts incredible close control, which is ideal on a smaller pitch. Just gets the nod over the much-improved Jack Wilshere.

THEO WALCOTT – Faster than a greyhound and very good at keeping his shots on goal down. I reckon he’d be a bloody nightmare to play against in five-aside, which is why he gets the nod over the likes of Vela, Arshavin and even Van Persie. Well in, Theo.

So, reckon you can beat that? Let’s have it…