Top 10 insulting Jens Lehmann quotes

Ollie Irish

21st, April 2008


lehmann quotes.jpgIt seems a foregone conclusion that the Premier League will lose one of its greatest characters/moaners this summer. Jens Lehmann has made no secret of his woes at Arsenal, and has had no problems in voicing concerns about those who upset him. Pies looks at Jens’ guide to making friends and influencing people.
1 “To be sitting on the bench behind somebody who only started to play when he was 30 is not funny.”
On team-‘mate’ Manuel Almunia.
2 ” He does not have my class.”
Nope, but he’s got your first-team place.
3 “I made two mistakes at the beginning of the season. But I saw Manuel Almunia making mistakes as well, so sometimes you don’t know what the thoughts of the coach are.’
Double whammy for Almunia and Wenger.

4 “My coach confirmed to me my impression that he uses a different measuring stick to evaluate Almunia. For me, this was a huge disappointment. That has forced me to think about my situation. I have to ask myself what is still realistic and possible for me at Arsenal? When Wenger says something like that, it’s going to be difficult for me to get back in here. It’s very frustrating. When I see the performances on the field, I get angry and I have to clench my fist in my pocket.”
Is that a fist in your pocket or are you just pleased to see Arsene Wenger?
5 “Well, he’s fantastic… for his age.”
On Petr Cech
6 “It was the hardest decision of his coaching career so I accepted that I should be No 1 and that was it.”
Gracious in victory over Oliver Kahn.
7 “He takes himself far too seriously and thinks he is very important. I don’t like it when someone glorifies themself.”
On Kahn again.
8 “I do not have a 24-year-old girlfriend. I have another life altogether.”
Kahn yet again… and his 24-year-old girlfriend.
9 “They know how to play well but they do not know how to go through a whole tournament. We have been there and done it. They haven’t.”
Endearing himself to his adoptive nation.
10 “Lampard is a specialist in insulting people very badly.”
Insulting Lampard very badly.