‘I Will Leave Arsenal Unless I Start More Often’ – Nicklas Bendtner Moans Again

Ollie Irish

13th, November 2010


By Ollie Irish

In an interview with Danish newspaper BT, Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner threatened to put in a transfer request if he continues to warm the bench:

“I’m extremely disappointed with the lack of minutes on the field. I feel I’ve done everything right in getting back to fitness and I’m in the best shape of my life.

“I feel better than before the injury and at that point I was in the starting XI and close to fulfilling my potential.

“When I’m 100 per cent fit, I can’t accept sitting on the bench. I’m 100 per cent good enough for the starting XI in Arsenal. I have the qualities and I’ve been sitting enough on the bench in my career.

“If my manager feels differently that’s fair, and he’s the one choosing the team, but then I disagree.”

Bendy then warned he would be leave the Gunners if he fails to nail down a regular first-team place. The mardy Dane concluded:

“I simply have to get to the next stage in my career and that’s the reason why I’m saying these things right now.

“If the situation doesn’t change and I’m still on the bench at Arsenal, I’ll look for a transfer. That’s obvious.

“But my first priority is definitely – as it has always been – to play for Arsenal.

“I’ve had a lot of patience and I won’t sit on the bench any more.”

Grow the f**k up, Nicklas.

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  1. Inno says:

    That’s not a threat, that’s a bonus…

  2. Saudigooner says:


  3. ArsenalAndrew says:

    Perfectly put, Sir; as Inno implies, “promises, promises …”

    Scintillating draw just now by Manure, very entertaining!

  4. GoonerForLife says:

    Honestly, I don’t care much for Bendtner anymore….he’s more trouble than he’s worth.

    I say let him leave.

  5. Rich says:

    but let’s be honest if he didn’t complain by the end of the year you’d consign him to the “just happy to sit on the bench and pick up a wage” pile

  6. Stephen says:

    will anyone miss barndoor ( pun intended )

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is not my style to comment on players’ opinion on playing time given to them .It hurts if Bendtner actualy made that comment. He has been in the treatment room for most times and not really a gem of a player. The gentleman can please himself. He is overating himself NOW and this is not good for team bonding.Ron

  8. Clive says:

    Yes, leave.

    We don’t want players with ambition and self-confidence at Arsenal. We’d prefer to miss out on his best years.

    Read http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/bendtner-we-want-competition-for-places and then decide.

  9. The Fan says:

    Finally. Now we can get torres without worryin bout disrupting the devolpment of bendtner.

  10. Ian Gooner says:

    Bendtner……… I think you will find that we don’t care…. You are not that good to threaten Arsene and like all the others that left for “greener pastures” you will quickly find that the “grass is not always greener on the otherside”..

  11. silentstan says:

    ‘I Will Leave Arsenal Unless I Start More Often’


  12. Rob says:

    Let him leave. I’d say it’s fairly unlikely that we’re going to win the league this season and probably wont win it with some of the average players we carry. Lets finally have a clear out this summer and get rid of the average dross which includes mr bendtner.

  13. The Real Gooner says:

    Goodbye Bento hopefully someone would stump up a good price for him would love to see us get Carroll away from the Geordies although the prof probably thinks he’s a very naughty boy!

  14. goonerdan says:

    flamini left – hardly got started for ac
    hleb left – hardly got started for barca
    viera left – hardly got started for inter
    reyes left – well..
    aliadier left – decent at boro then went off track
    etc etc.

    you can leave, even though i stick up for you when your names mentioned in a football chat ly nickxxxxxxxxx

  15. CBell says:

    Simply Put, Wenger isn’t an Idiot. If Bendtner was good enough – He would start. He is a good squad player – thats it.

  16. spectrum says:

    Wenger should leave – not Bendtner.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  17. Mikey says:

    think of what bendtner did for us last season, he was great and he is a great player, he holds the ball up well and is great in the air, he has (already this year) showed his potential if you look at the two great goals he has scrored from the top left side of the box….. he mustnt leave, wenger should rotate squads

  18. bigboned says:

    the problem with him that he genuinely believes he’s awesome..

    Has he accomplished anything in the past? no..

    Is he going to accomplish anything in the future? of course not..

    Just like Diaby, Denilson, Fabianski, Almunia.. These guys will never make top players.. And the only thing keeps them at Arsenal is Wenger’s stubbornness.. Once out of Arsenal door, they will realize that they’re sh*t..

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  20. We've Got Arshavin, F Adebayor says:

    Don’t let the door hit you in the rear on the way out, Nik…..

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