Would you rather… play for Arsenal on £20k a week, or Middlesbrough on £50k a week?


19th, May 2008


Location, location, location – should it matter to a professional footballer?
boro skyline.png
It’s grim up north, so they say. They might have a point – for example, here’s the best pic I could find of the Middlesbrough skyline (with apologies to Jeff Stelling, who I would not want to upset).
There’s no doubt that in the past, players have not signed for big clubs that are located in the north of England (more the north-east than the north-west), purely because of the location.

Personally, I find some things about London just as grim as Newcastle, say, but then I’m never going to be offered a contract by Kevin Keegan. Should location matter as much to a professional footballer? Would it matter to you?
Homesick Jose Reyes famously couldn’t stick it in London and ran back to Spain, whilst it’s been reported that Alex Hleb finds the capital too noisy and wants a move to peaceful Milan. Looking further north, ex-Forest star Brian Roy once slagged off the whole of Nottingham – “all Nottingham has is Robin Hood and he’s dead…” – whilst this season Andrei Voronin moaned about how England’s culture and services lagged behind that of Germany (er, he has a point).
Would you let location determine your club, if you were lucky enough to have a choice? If you were offered a £20k a week contract with Arsenal and a £50k a week contract with ‘Boro, which would you go for, and why? I accept that the choice is as much to do with the stature of the club as it is to do with the perceived shittiness of Middlesbrough as a location, but that’s a huge wage difference. Would you take more than a 100% wage cut just to live in the capital?

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  1. Michael Westwood says:


  2. Ampy says:

    Keep thinking this crap lads that’s ok keeps you shandy drinkers out of a great part of the world . And I don’t need to tell you that the boro have one of the best training facility’s in the world, yes the world but just get yourself down the smoke as you locals call London … I also have a better standard of living for all that money I’m paying out on over priced dross…

  3. Nick D says:

    Arsenal every time. Don’t take it personally Mbro – London is one of – perhaps the best – city in the world on virtually every measure. It has anything you could ever want.

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