Mario Balotelli Picks Up ‘Golden Boy’ Award, Doesn’t Know Who Jack Wilshere Is

Chris Wright

21st, December 2010


By Chris Wright

Far be it from me to brand Manchester City upstart Mario Balotelli as being utterly myopic, self-centred, self-interested, alienating, egotistical, petulant, ridiculously immature, head-strong, off-puttingly pugnacious, cripplingly arrogant, impudent, unloyal?…disloyal and as having no decisive measure of his footballing worth other than his ridiculously inflated salary – but he really doesn’t do himself any favours.

Italian newspaper Tuttosport have bestowed Balotelli with their 2010 ‘Golden Boy’ trophy (for the best player under the age of 21), with the Italian narrowly beating Arsenal tyro Jack Wilshere to the gong – and the City striker greeted the news with typical humility:

“I am delighted to receive this award. Who could have won this award but me? Two years ago I finished sixth and a year ago fourth. It was finally my turn.

“I don’t know who Wilshere is, but the next time I play against Arsenal I will keep a close eye on him. Perhaps I will show him the trophy and remind him that I won it.”

Don’t you just want to slap him across his void, emotionless face?

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  1. shay says:

    He’s the J.R Ewing of the football world. I love to hate him and I really hope he gets shot.

  2. That’s why Italians hate him.
    Sadly, Italy is a bit racist, but in this case isn’t a question of racism. It’s because he is a vitiated baby and people hate this.
    And, to conclude…. I didn’t even know this Award XD And I’m Italian…
    So, I don’t think that win this is so important :D

  3. syndex says:

    I don’t know about a slap accross the face but nev and the jag left some stud marks on him yesterday and he suddenly stopped wanting to play, in fact that was true of quite a few of the city player.
    btw we won 6 – 0
    (six of our lads were wearing short sleeve shirts last night and non of theirs)

  4. DavidBeckham says:

    You forgot hotheaded :)

  5. tapioca says:

    “utterly myopic, self-centred, self-interested, alienating, egotistical, petulant, ridiculously immature, head-strong, off-puttingly pugnacious, cripplingly arrogant, impudent, unloyal?…disloyal and as having no decisive measure of his footballing worth other than his ridiculously inflated salary”.

    So exactly like 90% of players in the premiership then? Except he doesn’t pretend otherwise, which I kinda like in the guy – come on, who else hates all that “it’s an honour just to be nominated alongside such wonderful ——-s” cr@p?

  6. Anonymous says:

    So who is Willshere guy Balotelli is referring to?

  7. duncan ferguson says:

    surprised he could give an interview from distin’s pocket

  8. EDub says:

    Eh, that was a cunt move.

    If you don’t know who Jack is, say so, and leave it at that. None of this `maybe i’ll show him my trophy’ nonsense.

  9. Eboue says:

    I wish him a slow, painful death in a fire.
    If he doesn’t know who Wilshere is, how does he know what team he plays for?

  10. Jack Wilshere says:

    Who’s this knoblick Balotelli then?

  11. Emmy Mu says:

    WHAT A DUM SHIT !!!!


  12. Emmy Mu says:

    WHAT A DUM SHIT !!!!


  13. SIMBA0813 says:

    Only a few Arsenal funs know who Jack Wishere is,Balotelli is right Wishere or Wilshere is no big deal to know about.Congrats Balotelli all that matters is you deserve the award dont let haters nonsense destroy you.

  14. UsefGooner says:

    that’s sad .. poor balotelli :(

  15. Pest Daiz says:

    Yees the hat done it for me yesterday too. He’s a kunt. Years before this interview he was a kunt.

  16. Lynz says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Bojan was robbed? Meh.
    Also, I don’t get why some people want him dead just cus he’s self-centrered. A lot of people are self-centrered, he’s just obvious about it, and an attention seeker. And he’s won; he’s got all of your attention.

  17. fabregash says:

    so balotelli came in 6th when he was 18, and wilshere came in 2nd at the same age. seems like jack’s got the jump on mario…

  18. fabregash says:

    oh and @ SIMBA0813, saying that only a few arsenal fans know about wilshere is probably one of the most delusional comments i’ve ever heard. for my money, wilshere looks like becoming a much more influential player in the sport throughout his career than balotelli.

  19. gunner says:

    fuck u balotelli…FUCK U WITH A FUCK ON IT…wilshere is anyday better than you…wilshere is fuckin only 18 u fuck face…

  20. Asu thomas peter says:

    we shall see who Balotelli is, cause he is akind of amessing player when it comes to afootball challenge on the pitch, the jersey no-19 is not given to jack wilshere nothing but for cause of tread in the field.
    strong arsenal fun in southern sudan Africa.

  21. shmonster says:

    he’s just really dumb. and that will hurt his career. apart from manchester city where all the bad behaving, unhappy-at-current(or any)-club, dumb players will be landing as long as cook and mancini have a say, where could balotellis talent blossom?

    but now, that his mancity fellows are all also feeling underestimated all the time, showing off their weekly wages in golden watches and other premature status-symbols (buying the house, the wrong ronaldo lived in) how should this guy develop? his brain got stuck when he arrived in that city.

  22. funsho says:

    u are d real fool they called u!

  23. Lyon Fan says:

    Well congrats for your award mario balotelli but damn man u won naother one award of cockiness of the year :D if I face you 1 vs 1 no ways u can beat me ill slide tackle u to a poitn you will wish u never played football 1

  24. Alqayda says:

    fuck u all!!!

    Balatolli is really the best.
    Jack is a good player but don’t expect evrebody knows him.

  25. Zander The Great says:

    Balotelli’s a great talent, but also a fucking cunt. Grow up already!

  26. Rotimi says:

    I have never seen such a player like Balotelli before. The guy is not only arrogant, but very rude. I can never have Balotelli in my team as a coach. Go and watch his last match Vs Everton in which they lost 1-2 just last Monday and see what am saying.

    He really needs to grow up.He’s far from being a professional, he behaves more like a tout.

  27. scraggy says:

    he has done nothing for the last year he’s a nobody (Balotelli) city are wher they are without him milan won things with little help from him, so seriously what has he done?

  28. keri says:

    who is Willshere?willshere is a guy who plays a far different place from Balotelli,& is really greating better everyday than Balotelli.I love Balotelli but if I was to make a team,he couldn’t even be on my second bench,tht makes willshere better coz I could call him on the first one

  29. Redskywalker says:

    If you don’t know who Jack Wilshere is then you probably don’t know who Mario Balotelli is either.

    Where those quotes for real though? I can’t believe someone would actually say that…

  30. AR53NAL4EV3R! says:

    SIMBA0813 you sad, strange, idiotic, knows jack shit about football fan – not only do aaalllll arsenal fans know Wilshere, he also has an England cap – so most of fucking Britain know him!balotelli can be a good player for about 14 seconds a match, and through out the match put in about 3% of effort – some people don’t deserve anything from life, and he is certainly one of them – the arrogant, nieve, lazy, biggeted, know-all, loud mouthed, snobby, stuck up vain little bit of worthless italian shit – feel a bit better now……

  31. Nick Holloway says:

    This guys an idiot.
    Never even heard of him before he came to england.
    Heads up his arse. Not surprised the italians hate him. So do we!

  32. joshua says:

    this baloteli guy is crazy, does it mean that even if he did niot play when arsenal beat thenm he did not watch the match?

  33. Montesquieu says:

    Who is Balotelli?

  34. Montesquieu says:

    By the way, Nick, they (Italians) hate him cause he’s Black.

  35. NAZARIOUS says:

    Primear leage have hard big names.the likes of Hennry T, Ruud van,davide b etc.who did wonders.foot ball is not about praising yourself .cooldown at moment u are nothing and dont compare ureself with anybody.Ndyaguma fm Uganda.

  36. Anonymous says:

    who is this guy baloteli??? i know wilshere but i sure dont know him. is he a footboller also?

  37. Emmy Mu says:

    Ermm Ermm baloteli…..
    Ohh yeah last time i saw him he was a chicken or some sort

  38. joshua rume says:

    Balotelli looks just like his head. Leave Jack a lone.

  39. Mario Balotelli hater says:

    fuck you Mario Balotelli

  40. Anony says:

    it’s funny you guys say he’s nothing since he did win the Champions League, the Italian League, and the Italian Cup, and etc. He’s won a lot for his age. True, his personality isn’t great. But he might have a point about Wilshere. Wow, so he got a cap in England. But doesn’t this always happen in England, where one lad gets all this hype for not doing anything spectacular.

    I’m not saying Wilshere is bad, he’s good for his age and getting better at Arsenal. But really, 2nd place? What has he really achieved more than Bojan for example? Wilshere is overrated because he’s English, boom.

  41. LOLEDHARD says:

    If hazard would have gone to chelsea on year earlier, it would have been for him.

  42. xx says:

    Or 2 indeed.

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