How Much More Unlikable Can Arsenal Get?

Ollie Irish

8th, February 2011


By Alex Netherton

Liverpool have a history of near-hysterical levels of imagined persecution and self-mythologising. Everybody knows they had the chippiest fans of all the top teams. Now they’re not a top team, so who’s next? Given the actions of the past few years and particularly the last few weeks, it has to be Arsenal. The Islington Set are a churlish bunch.

King Rat, Cesc Fabregas. A player with the swagger of a man but the personality of a lippy kid. Defeat and difficulty are answered not with indomitable rage but with petulance. Pizza at Ferguson. Gobbing at Brian Horton. Traducing Mark Hughes’ career. Not even deigning to recognise Ipswich. Accusing the opposition and officials of bribery. If you don’t speak Cesc’s sacred Catalan, the translation: any of Arsenal’s failures or my own are not my fault.

The Fergie-pizza interface was one thing. Fabregas was a kid, and this was just a moment of immaturity. However, his hollow whinges and justifications become more frequent, not less.

Fabregas, King Rat

As captain, Fabregas sets the tone of the team. On the pitch, he has as much influence as the manager, and off it, he’s the role model, showing what behaviour is appropriate and tolerated. It’s been Wenger’s biggest mistake. Fabregas carries on as if butter wouldn’t melt and yet he’s still handy in a fight. If only this were true. A fantastic midfielder, his failings are still legion. One, he flirts openly with Barcelona as if it’s his right. Two, he abuses referees and questions their integrity on Twitter and in the tunnel. Three, he criticises his own team-mates on the pitch, like Thierry Henry without the hat-tricks. What captaincy. Maybe his attitude will change when he’s at Barcelona. On the bench.

Where Vieira would inspire with a crunching tackle, even a red card, or Henry would win a game single-handed, Fabregas simply cannot. That’s not necessarily a problem, but he’s a smallish midfielder, emphatically not a goalpoacher. If he’s going to be as effective as possible he really ought to figure out how to get on with his team-mates. If he cannot inspire through his actions alone, surely he needs to start empathising and encouraging. Only a couple of weeks ago Denilson was happy to describe him as, “a captain, but not a leader.”

It’s not just Cesc, though. There are minor offenders. Nicklas Bendtner thinks he’s the Danish Ibrahimovic. He (and his Dad) gets jolly shirty when anyone suggests otherwise. Regularly mentioning interest from AC Milan while the papers mention interest from Newcastle, he has to be the most delusional player in the Premier League. Just think of the competition. At least you’re the best at that, Nicklas!

Wojciech Szczesny, learning from his surroundings, might just be a kid, but feels assured enough to bollock any ref from his iPad Twitterbox. Imagine being the type of man to use an iPad without feeling ashamed.

Jack Wilshere, a technically able git, is as close to an English Fabregas as we’re ever likely to have. In many ways that’s fantastic: a technically able midfielder is the very thing England have appeared unable to produce. It’s just such a shame he seems to have inherited the Gunner bolshy sense of entitlement – tweeting allegations of refereeing incompetence as if it’s only experienced by Arsenal, and being arrested for fisticuffs. Even then, he claimed he was an innocent party regardless of evidence. No wonder, I suppose. This is the man who was sent off through sheer nastiness and carelessness against Birmingham, only to be applauded by the most indulgent fans you could possibly imagine. If there’s a club that can be described as incapable of learning a lesson, it’s Arsenal.

It’s grim up North London

Ah, Arsenal fans! If Cesc and Arsene share the blame for creating this sorry spectacle, then fans are due some of the blame. Is it any surprise that a club that charges more than £100 for tickets ends up with support betraying the worst qualities of the middle-class – pretentiousness and self-importance? A walk through Islington and you would be forgiven for thinking you were in France. Well, a kind of France, stuffed only with unimaginably smug middle-class white people. It’s the Emirates Stadium in microcosm.

Where does the buck stop? Daddy Wenger. He created an economic model that entitles him to witter on about financial doping, while charging the first aforementioned £100 ticket and paying the third-highest wages in England. He exacerbates the very problems he pretends to care about. He waxes injustice at the purchases of Chelsea in the face of financial fair play, yet Arsenal sold Highbury to private developers for millions, despite Islington suffering extreme housing inequality; it’s one of the most deprived – in some areas – boroughs in London. He doesn’t see his players getting sent off for thuggery, from Dennis Bergkamp through to Abou Diaby, and still has the front to complain at opposition rough-housing. A hypocrite.

I call bullshit on Arsenal.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    spurs fan?

  2. J says:

    You sad bitter xenophobic tosser who also has a chip on his shoulder about the middle classes.

    The point of this article is probably to get a reaction, well you have. I hope it brings little bit of happiness to your sour life.

  3. DeiseGooner says:

    wow nice wind up piece – i hope you get the hits you are after – gawd knows there will be plenty of people out there who will take the bait – just like talkshite radio – this is what you are aspiring to here right?

  4. Adam says:

    Get some psychiatric help.

  5. Pez says:

    Dear Alex,

    Truly one of the most inaccurate pieces i have read….Written by someone who hasnt done his research at all well…whose jealous as regards Arsenal is so obvious its actually quite amusing…I reckon you were bullied at school or you just werent given enough love by your parents as your article above is sooooo flawed its criminal.

    You write things like Arsenal sold their highbury to private developers without knowing anthing about WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPEND WITH ISLINGTON….WHO MADE SURE THAT THEY DID SELL TO PRIVATE DEVELOPERS YOU MORON!!!

    You words on Fabregas, Diaby are also bordering on Zenophobia of the largest kind…but whats really weird and inn a way disgusting about your “piece” is your inability to hide your jealous hatred of anything you dont support……Grow up Jealous Boy and realise that if other Clubs copied Wenger and Arsenal ……Football in England wouldnt be in the Dark Ages as it currently is…….but then people like you dont realise this….MUPPET!!

  6. GoodisonDave says:

    Worst article I have ever read. Absolute garbage. And I’m not even an Arsenal fan.

  7. english idiot shocker says:

    wenger should be given the noble peace prize for achieving what he has in a country where he is surrounded by idiots like you.

  8. nick1000 says:

    The referee did cheat.

  9. gamblino says:

    Why would you let this sad clown write this though? Why bother even carrying the blog on if you can’t be arsed to produce better than this shite?

  10. Milo says:

    Are you a Spurs fan buy any chance? Cunt

  11. TRUTH says:


  12. Ziggy Maximus says:

    You know you are a prick don´t you???
    Try to set things in perspective. How many fouls does Arsenal commit before yellow card?? Much fewer than any other teams in the league. Why?? The refs hate them. Get that for a few years and you get fed up! But a genius like you wouldn’t react to that at all. That is why you are my hero, a peach of a person. Your mama must be so proud of you!!!!

  13. viera says:

    Muwahahahah , you racist bastard , what about the developement AFC are just starting where they are going to build a shedload of assisted housing + community projects AND THEY DID NOT SELL HIGHBURY TO PRIVATE DEVELOPERS , they still own it you clod so not only are you a racist you are ill informed and this was only after numerous attempts to enlarge highbury , proof that they did’nt want to move in the first place

    You are obviously a spud supporter or a child who suffers from ads well if its attention you wanted i’m sure gooners will oblige….prick

  14. Scooch says:

    Another blogger sits at his keyboard, bored by his own team (whoever they may be) and decides he needs to get hits to his “site”.
    I know, he thinks, I’ll write something bad about Arsenal and they’ll come flocking!
    Shame I fell into this trap, but never again as this site will now be blocked from my Newsnow!!!

  15. JollyMike says:

    Well, well, well, where is the media when Fletcher of Man U. is trying to get Wolves players sent off? He did it in the weekend. Running after the ref to get another yellow card out of his pocket. No one has mentioned it, but when Fabregas does the same againts a british player, the media is all over Fab and his misguided moral. He’s a rat! Ha ha, you’re a rat!

  16. M says:

    And the point of this article?

  17. ???? says:

    Are you saying chelsea are moke likable then chelsea? FUCK YOU MATE

  18. Arsenal Sane says:

    I’m not going to bite, but I look forward to the more stupid of our fanbase’s commments when they react to this.

  19. Andrew Thompson says:

    to be fair arsenal do like a whinge
    and I hate to say it but wilshere is very whingey when losing

  20. DJ says:

    Luckily you’re perfect, as are Wayne Rooney and his ManU bunch. The holier than though Utd would never hound a ref or linesman. Rooney and co would never utter countless expletives at officials when they feel wronged. Their boss would never refuse to speak to a national broadcaster because they ran a programme he didn’t agree with. Said boss would then never flout Premier League rules by not talking to said broadcaster yet never get punished. Their fans never accuse anyone with an opinion other than the one they hold of being an ABU. Gary Neville, club captain for many years, would never gob off or insult an opposition player. So, I suppose your case is water tight.

  21. Stubo says:

    Wow. Blocking this site for good.

  22. gaptooth says:

    silly article written with a lot of venom

    you could cuss any of the top 10 teams in england with similar comments

    im by no means an arsenal fan – but i do respect a lot of what they have done and are trying to do , and to piss all over it like you have done is poor journalism.

  23. gooner says:

    this guy is clearly on a wind up,Can you post some proper content on this blog or will you continue to waste our time on some ranting idiot

  24. wow says:

    so you must be really desperate for a bit of attention today hey?

    I can just imagine your little rat faced grin seeing the comments section grow, why not just puke in your own lap and knock one out while your there? pathetic little prick

  25. Gooner says:

    What a load of rubbish. Read to but about Fabregas, realised a drunk 4 year old was at him mum’s PC and gave up.

  26. Luke says:

    “It’s grim up North London”

    2nd in the league, 4 points behind United (with them to play Chelsea twice, and Arsenal and City once), and the most in-form team according to their last 6 results… yeah, it’s real grim up here, mate.

  27. gooner says:

    @ andre ,We can make a list of players that whine all day, its not only arsenal that whine. So no you are not being fair

  28. Dan says:

    Possibly the worst article i’ve ever read, complaining about players, their standards, behaviour & language. This is all backed up by calling Wilshere a git & Fabregas a rat.

    You then berate anyone seen in Islington except the more deprived, forgetting all the money ploughed into the local council to rebuild & help the local area regenerate itself.

    I guess you also forget we won the fair play league for 3 years in a row i believe, we won it last year too and are usually are near the top despite our alleged ‘thuggery’, then claiming we bullied Birmingham (remember a broken leg there anyone?).

    I guess my comment shouldn’t be aimed at you though, it should probably be aimed at the US military for letting idiots like you loose on a medium viewable by anyone.

    Have fun with the windows, mind your tongue on a cold day.

  29. Common sense says:

    Don’t feed the troll

  30. Davy says:

    This seems like a joke yes?

  31. M says:

    Wait…seriously? Full disclosure, I’m an Arsenal fan, so maybe my opinion will seem silly, but this piece really is shocking and I’d still think it were it written about a number of other clubs. In fact, you could literally play Mad Libs with this piece, substituting the club and player names, and it’d all be the same. It’s lazy, sensationalist, and really turned me off to this site which I was just getting into a habit of reading and enjoying.

    Sent from my iPad.

  32. Alex says:

    Sorry everyone, you’re right that it wasn’t sold to private developers. I suppose that means they cut out the middlemen to be private land developers themselves. It’s more naked self-interest.

  33. As says:

    Yeah!!! Great article couldnt have put it better!!! And whats even better is all the comments from arsenal fans trying to deny it!! Brilliant

  34. Mark says:

    What an Idiot this writer is. It’s pretty much summed up in your last paragraph. You say Wenger is a hypocrite? That arsenal selling flats and chelsea buying players is the same thing? Arsenal Sold Flats, Key word SOLD. Chelsea bought £70m worth of players despite the fact they just annouced a £70m loss. Arsenal have every right to sell flats at a high price. If someone will buy them at that price then why not. You don’t criticise Newcastle for getting £35m from carroll when he’s Worth £15m at most.

    And your Comments about jack wilshere. “This is the man who was sent off through sheer nastiness and carelessness against Birmingham”. Haha, one mistimed tackle and it’s a tackle of ‘sheer nastiness and carelessness’. Yes it was careless but there was nothing nasty about it. He lost the ball and was trying to get it back and lunged in. Every player does it, you lose the ball and your immediate reaction is to win it back.

    It’s pretty clear that the writer is a petty and jealous twat. Fabregas has been singled out for questioning referees. But wait a minute, what does John terry do EVERY single decision against chelsea. But no sorry, He’s an English hero.

    Also one thing to add, This £100 a ticket myth has gone on too long. Tickets got for about £35 most time and the £100 are the upper tier ones. You call bullshit on arsenal? I call Bullshit on you.

  35. Jack says:

    How incredibly pathetic to attempt to stereotype an arsenal fan. White middle class? Arsenal fans are very diverse, unsurprisingly seeing as its a London club. Also, whilst category A fixtures can go up to 100 pounds a ticket for the best seat, for all other games its very easy to get a ticket and while expensive at 46 quid, this is a far sight from 100. basically your are a moronic twat. You really are a wanker. you say islington is like ‘walking through france’ full of white, smug, middle class, then you go on in the next paragraph bemoaning the depravity of the area. I think you’ve written this just to wind people up.

  36. James says:

    Your hatred of Arsenal and London is very unhealthy.

  37. Jesus says:

    Total wind-up and absolutely lacking in humour which is a bare-minimum really for it to have any effect.

    Ollie, future criticism on your part of’esque sites clickwhoring themselves should be made with the Hypocrite cap firmly on. This is poor form really…

  38. ahsjahsj says:

    It’s “Unlikeable” not “Unlikable” you thick cunt.

  39. D H says:

    While you raise a couple of decent points regarding Cesc’s moaning and Jack Wilshere outside of football, other points have are silly. Saying that Wenger exacerbates the financial probems is a terrible observation. Wenger does not spend millions on players. He has to pay higher wages so that when his players flourish, they aren’t tempted to leave for other teams who will pay stupid money in wages (Try keeping Cesc at the club on 50k a week). He doesn’t have a sugar daddy drip feeding them money but instead is shrewd with money and he spends within their boundaries. Other teams should learn from this.

    Other teams have the same problems with “thuggery” on the pitch it’s funny how you single out Arsenal when other clubs have worse problems on and also off the pitch.

    Now how about re writing this article about your own team and it’s failing? I’m sure you could write pages and pages about Tottenham.

  40. Alex says:


    I had ulterior motives, not just aiming for a Pulitzer. You got me.

  41. Jake Hart says:

    I’d say this is an ‘epic fail’ if it’s an attempt at satire.

    If it’s not written tongue-in-cheek it has quite majestically crossed any lines of good taste and reads like a rather pathetic ode to racism, naivity and the worst kind of journalism.

    And I should know. I’m a sports journalist. I’d try and point out areas worth referencing for criticism, but it would take all day. I’m not even an Arsenal fan.

    Shame on you whoateallthepies – you were once better than this.

  42. Alex says:

    Also, if I have to choose between believing Mr Philip Brown, and Cesc, I know who I’m going with.

  43. Defmonk says:

    How is this racist and the comments about the £100 ticket prices are spot on?

  44. Daryl says:


    May i congratulate you on another well informed and inciteful piece of writing.

    Everything in this article is spot on especially on the self-evangelising of Mr Wenger


  45. Damien says:

    Awww man. Can’t believe I fell for the link bait.

  46. keith says:

    stupidest article that i’ve ever seen on pies..

  47. Tinez says:

    Stunningly vitriolic and completely unpleasurable to read.

  48. Danno says:

    The problem here is not the article, which is obviously nothing more than a mindless instigation piece, written by some 14 year old. It is the website that publishes it just to get some hits… and yet here we all are, answering away, hook placed firmly in our cheek. The best way to counteract this nonesense… block this site and never come back.

  49. JollyMike says:

    Alex! You should choose stop using your brain because it’s fradulent and ManUred full of shite….

  50. word says:

    it seems alex has devoted a whole series of articles to hatred of others:

    here are some of my favourtie quotes after skim reading:

    “When I express my opinion I don’t want you to then give me yours. Got that? Right.” (the actual title of the piece!)

    “Drinking too much? Public humiliation an oh-so familiar friend? If you, like me need to knock boozing on the head, here’s a few unconventional tips to staying on the wagon.” (telling)

    “Booze comes with baggage: Hasn’t left my side since I was fourteen. When I wake up I feel guilty, regardless of whether or not I made a dick of myself last night (I did – I just don’t know how yet). I don’t know what it’s like not to genuinely despise myself.” (oh dear)

    “one of the Premier League’s greatest, we pay tribute to Gary Neville; footballer, environmentalist, style icon.”

    “I Heart Bob Crow – Stop whinging about the London tube strike. Trade unionists like Bob Crow are working class heroes striving for better work conditions for their colleagues. Compare that to how useful your job is to society….”

    “There’s nothing I like more than a nice sit down and a quiet rage at Jeremy Paxman’s middle-class muppet-fest.”

    “Why I Hate Dalston – an obnoxious, misogynistic, racist dump.”

    “Here’s a spot of relationship advice for all you ladies: all men are pathetic and everything we say is just a sad attempt to sleep with you.”

    my anger just turned to pity….

  51. Max Power says:

    Hope you packed your tin hat.

  52. G says:

    You my humble friend, who wrote this, completely encapsulated what every fan(apart from Arsenal fans of course)thinks in this wonderful article. You are a hero, with an ability to write what some dare not or some lack the ability to. On behalf of the world (excluding Little France) I thank you.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Its funny because some of it is true. Bentdner is shite Against a league 1 club. Tbh any top 4 or 5 club could have a similiar article written. Fans in the prem need to grow up.

  54. urzz1871 says:

    I always used to think Arsenal were the least disagreeable of the Big 4, but you’ve hit the nail on the head here – they are becoming as bad as the others.

    For me the tipping-point from respecting them to them leaving a nasty taste in the mouth was the FA Cup, and seeing Fabregas celebrating scoring an 87th minute penalty against a League Two team as if he’d single-handedly won the Champions League!

  55. jeffers says:

    Ha ha, how much of a tool are you!
    I came here expecting to be mildly embarrased about your revelations, but instead i am more embarrased that this site lets you anywhere near a keyboard.

    If this is the worst you can come up with I am very proud to be a gooner.

    As the self appointed champion of the working classes, shouldn’t you be in your local spending your dole money?

    Attempting to be a journalist, no matter how badly you pull it off is so middle class.

  56. jamage says:

    Why let people write articles on your website like this Ollie? Wind-up articles are really bad for the site and will result in people not bothering to read, which are usually great, articles. Really a fan of the site but if stuff like this keep popping up rather than the usually good articles i will just stop visiting the site. Please stop this guy while you still can

  57. leppystew says:

    brilliant article mate, very entertaining to read (knowing its a wind up) and even better to see fools losing the plot over this. encore.

  58. Ed says:

    Hahaha its so easy to wind up Arsenal fans.

  59. Glenn Helder says:

    The worst article in the history of the alphabet.

    If you must post articles on the internet, please do not advertise your ignorance.

    “A walk through Islington and you would be forgiven for thinking you were in France. Well, a kind of France, stuffed only with unimaginably smug middle-class white people. It’s the Emirates Stadium in microcosm.”

    Have you ever been to Islington or the Emirates? Arsenal have the highest proportion of non-white matchgoing fans in the country (7.7%). I suggest that you are the one who has a problem with skin colour, not the people of Islington.


    Glenn Helder

  60. clemantona says:

    i also heard assenal fans sacrifice virgins and drink a puppy urine/blood mix.

    hey look at me i can write for pies now! I have some other objective opinions if you’d like to contact me about a full time gig.

  61. goonermichael says:

    We can get so much more unlikable so go fuck yourself and die you wanker

  62. Mike says:

    Thanks for this useless, ill-informed piece, I will not be returning to this site again.

  63. word says:

    lol jeffers

  64. Fredmesiter says:


    You would believe Phil Brown?

    Epic Trolling btw.

  65. Steve says:

    This was written purely for the hits, turn it against them and block this site, simple as…

  66. C says:

    Oh this wanker again. I stopped reading as soon as I saw the author.

    And by skimming the comments, seems im not the only one who thinks this “journo” should persue another career.

  67. wisy says:

    you don’t like good things and you will never have one or see one around your people.

  68. miki says:

    It’s official. worst spurs blog.
    Let’s all laugh at small club, shall we?

  69. JollyMike says:

    I think the pure hapiness shown from Fab when scoring against a League two side show you he feels for the club he’s captaining. How can that be bad?

  70. miki says:

    you maybe get the hits, but I’m unsubscribing your loads of shite from my RSS reader. I bet I’m not the only one.
    How low can you go?

  71. Danny Johnson says:

    Check your facts knucklehead: Arsenal have one of most ethnically diverse fan-bases throughout the entire country – as can be seen on any matchday, and there are more women there than elsewhere too.
    But hey why let your embittered rant become encumbered with something as boring as facts.

  72. joshua says:

    What a dick

  73. Davy says:

    It certainly got a reaction!!

  74. JollyMike says:

    He’s like Lady Gaga, crap and just there to get a reaction! No substance!

  75. miki says:

    and btw. since when is being retarded proper job?

  76. Giles Barrett says:

    It’s natural to be jealous of Jesus, it’s ok, we all fancy him a bit too. But if you fall for famous men, don’t be upset when they flirt with Spaniards. Calling Wenger a hypocrite for speaking out about Chelsea’s rampant spending, though, is to fail to acknowledge any middle ground between rampant free-Market capitalism and St Francis of Assisi. I don’t know about you, but I’m fairly sure it’s point out that someone else is being greedy, even if you haven’t decided to give away all your worldly goods. If, however, you don’t accept the existence of such a middle ground, well, that’s ok, but you’d best be able to convince people that you’re a saint, before you insult theirs. You wouldn’t want to come across as a hypocrite.

  77. Kinsan3 says:

    I can’t understand why this Blog would willingly provide a platform for an ubsurd over the top rant at another club. There is absolutly no thought provoking points, just sensationalist bile.
    And im a Tottenham Fan.

  78. Amber says:

    Alex, Congrats on the article and the many comments! I like it and wouldn’t mind seeing more.

  79. Ben says:

    Firstly, you have a terrible style of writing. Secondly, I don’t see what kind of satisfaction you expect to derive from being nothing but gratuitously insulting and vitriolic. It’s deliberately provocative, most people grow out of trying to piss people off at the age of 12 or 13, I’d recommend you give it a go. You criticise Fabregas and Wilshere for immaturity and Wenger for hypocrisy, but this article and many of your others are like a moaning child’s ignorant bullying. It’s attention-seeking by any other name, and it undermines what is an otherwise excellent website. Being hyperbolic is one thing if there’s talent in the writing and an insightful message, but this kind of vindictiveness just plays into and exacerbates all the worst stereotypes about football. The game should be treated with more respect than your false hostility gives it.

  80. cowtowngooner says:

    Wow! Words completely escape me – except to say that this is the worst piece of shite I have read in some time, that you are a deluded jealous twat, that you are a stark example of the betrayal of the British education system, that you must come from the shallow end of the gene pool, that you have probably never been to Emirates or the surrounding area because you couldn’t find it with a GPS and a minder, and that YOU probably ate all the pies because you sound like a totally fat, stupid cunt that spends his life supporting a useless team like Spurs and whines about it. Did I mention CUNT! – anyway, that’s all I wanted to say.

  81. The Yank says:

    76 comments and countless hits simply because someone called a team out on being douchey. And you are saying he is a bad writer? He got all of you saps to click and read an article that slams the cub you support. That’s like trying to get Jews to read Mein Kampf and he did spectacularly.

    You all are the retarded ones for taking the bait like little whiny bitches.

    You read that right. Little. Whiny. Bitches.

  82. Daryl says:

    Oh The Yank, that is beautiful

  83. Nicko says:

    hahahahha what a beautiful article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
    The comments from all the sad bastard arsenal fans crying are even better!!!! hahahahhahaha


  84. lol says:

    The Yanks right. It doesn’t matter. I like the premier league but so many fans feel entitled to whinge when they have it all. Leeds fans were once like this and it took a league 1 releagtion and administration to kill some of the “we deserve more” bullshit. This article could have been about alot of premier league clubs imgamine the response if it was livepool! I agree about the players esipally Bentdner who was shite. Fabregas wouldn’t even swap he shity after winning against a league 1 team at home. It annoys me how Arsenal hand out alot of bad tackles yet cry when it happens to them. Tbh its all opinion and untill you experience something like Plymouth or Leeds by being in administration dry your eyes.

    Also “its grim up nirth London” It’s called IRONY PEOPLE.

  85. Nicko says:

    haha comment 72…..

  86. Gav B says:

    You my humble friend, who wrote this, completely encapsulated what every fan(apart from Arsenal fans of course)thinks in this wonderful article. You are a hero, with an ability to write what some dare not or some lack the ability to. On behalf of the world (excluding Little France) I thank you.

  87. Adam says:

    haha what a wanker

  88. johnjohn says:

    ollie irish id let this twat go as hes clearly a disgruntled man u fan who wants to write about his dislike for other prem clubs. lets not start on the raping, cheating man u players shall we and upset Alexander Netherton?

  89. Dave says:

    So all the people supporting the imbecile who wrote this piece of xenophobic, racist, misinformed trash do so on the basis that it generates a kneejerk reaction out of the people it goads. brilliant. Mr Alex Netherton, i suggest you write an article praising paedophilia, rape and murder, and then the same people who support your moronic form of ‘journalism’ will be right here defending you and prasing you for your views, and the people who are outarged by the claims in this hypothetical article will be as The Yank said, Little. Whiny. Bitches. Congratulations. And for the record I’m a Spurs fan.

  90. Tom says:

    I say – what a cracking article. Arsenal was once a club run by gentlemen. It’s now a rather vulgar, nasty little place. Shame really.

  91. Dan says:

    Jealous CUNT

  92. JOseph says:

    Dear Mr. Alex,


  93. MAC says:

    Arsenal most disliked? this coming from a Spurs fan? fuck off Ollie. No one in London Likes Tottenham and everyone associated with them. it’s only because you’re not big enough to be recognised globally you’re not hated worldwide.

  94. Anonymous says:

    self pityin obnoxious karnts the lot of em

  95. Heath says:

    Stick to the top ten lists and pics of Wags. Leave the football journalism to the qualified and talented.

  96. MAC says:

    My bad, Author wasn’t Ollie after all. Anyhow fuck off to Spurs anyhow.

  97. Harry says:

    So true, Fabregas is a complete an utter w*nker.

    Article spot on

  98. FoleyIsGood says:

    Lol, very good.

    Particularly amused at how many gooners felt the need to respond angrily, rather than just laughing it off. An obvious wind up to most, but clearly close enough to home to touch a few raw nerves!

  99. Dave says:

    yup, fabregas, is a wanker, yet rooney, barton and terry are all shining examples of how to conduct yourself as a human being.

  100. Jamie says:

    A good and well reasoned article. I wholeheartedly agree with every sentiment.

  101. Tom says:


    Rooney, Barton and Terry have had to eat shit for their behaviour. Now it’s Cesc’s turn.

  102. johnjohn says:

    tom, what has cesc done exactly?

  103. Tom says:

    All this apparently…………….

    King Rat, Cesc Fabregas. A player with the swagger of a man but the personality of a lippy kid. Defeat and difficulty are answered not with indomitable rage but with petulance. Pizza at Ferguson. Gobbing at Brian Horton. Traducing Mark Hughes’ career. Not even deigning to recognise Ipswich. Accusing the opposition and officials of bribery. If you don’t speak Cesc’s sacred Catalan, the translation: any of Arsenal’s failures or my own are not my fault.

  104. AlexDeee says:

    The spurs supporting rights a blog. when you notice your unique users go down each week and you go back to your day job you will regret being so stupid. there are many football blogs my friend many!

  105. JimShah says:

    Prat! Hope you enjoy Europa League next season chump!

  106. fuckyou says:

    you’re a fucking idiot. maybe you should go work with your fellow fucks at the guardian. we play great football, helped reshap the league as more than a violent tackle mayhem and play the ball on the ground rather than boot it upfield. whilst there is no execuse for dropping 4 goals, this was worse than a bit of shoddy referring it was a stich up job pure and simple. That’s what’s galling, and your oddly veiled xenophobia, oddly because foreign players dominate top teams anyway, is fucking disgusting. You’re a fucking wanker and I hope you get run over.

  107. Dean says:

    Hugely enjoyable article with every point immediately confirmed in the comment section by whiny Arsenal twats.

    Oh and highlighting Farbergas for the whinging hardman wannabe he is doesn’t make Terry, Barton etc any less of a pack of cocks

  108. Dave says:

    none of that stuff verges anywhere near what the aformentioned wankers have done. i’m a fucking spurs fan and i can see this as being bullshit. even i admit to my jealousy of what arsenal are achieving on what’s available to them, but i can recognise the fact that if moronic attitudes like the ones expressed in this article become prevalent, we are ALL fucked.

  109. Tom says:


    Are you really Tottenham fan?

  110. Ibrahim Saad says:

    The comments on this article have just reinforced everything said about Arsenal fans in the article. Oh, the irony.

  111. word says:

    no reply alex?

  112. Timbo says:

    In the face of such well-reasoned and persuasive arguments, I feel it only fair to point out that two of the game’s most esteemed, gifted and exemplary elder statesmen Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes behaved just as poorly this weekend – the former by kicking out at Wolves’ Kevin Doyle, the latter, by virtue of being short, trying to get on the end of a cross with his hands.

    In short – footballer in emotional behaviour in heat of moment shocker.

  113. bob says:

    have you ever walked through Islington or gone to the emirates? just because a certain type of fan (white middle class) decide to go to the emirates doesn’t mean its devoid of any other cultures or races

  114. Dave says:

    yeah i’m a yid through and through.

  115. Luigi Arenella says:

    Very good.
    Finally someone says what we all think.
    Hang on, in the media we aren’t allowed to knock Wenger and his saintly children

  116. Maxx says:

    I was hoping to read something that would give me some banter to use against gooners…

    obviously not.

    This article is nothing more than a fact-less rant.

    Alex, please introduce me to the members of the middle-class that call the opposing teams ‘cunts’ and sing about ashley cole getting bummed…i would love to party with that person.

  117. Gaz says:

    Wow, he got what he was aiming for, havn’t seen a post with so many comments ever!
    Ollie can you please proof read whatever he writes next??

  118. voster says:

    1) Everyone abuses referrees. Fabregas just does it with out veins popping. Different style, same purpose.

    2) The Emirates Stadium clean, corporate image has encouraged more minorities to attend. So it’s not middle-class white folk, but middle-class everybody.

    3) Fabregas did give credit to Newcastle, Ipswich and Huddersfield in his interviews, even after losing. You’ve just had a bout of selective reading.

    4) EVERYONE thinks they’ve been hard done by the referree. It’s the inability to emphatise that all football fans share. That you’ve said that only Arsenal does this is the same thing.

    5) There are only £94 tickets on big games (vs. the Big 4 + Spurs). Otherwise, expensive tickets are only for executive seats etc. which are as costly in other major stadiums anyway.

    6) Selling property in Highbury is bad? Bringing in spenders stimulates the economy and Arsenal stayed close by, which meant it did not take away anything from the economy

    7) If Islington has bad property inequality, why are they all white middle-class?

    8) Bendtner has confidence. But Arsenal has been criticised for a long time for lacking that. Which one is it?

  119. Jeff B says:

    Ha, very good. While the article is a bit over the top (for a reaction?) it is close enough to the truth, something that can be seen by the reaction by a large number of posters who have shown their intelligence and grip on the game with their comments.

    For the last three or more seasons Wenger has done a brilliant job of undermining a large amount of the brilliant side that he has shown as a manager in the past by acting like a petulant idiot.

  120. voster says:

    In short, footballers all act like twats every once in a while.

    The writer singles out Arsenal in the same way Arsenal players single out themselves for victimisation.

  121. voster says:

    Oh wait, I get it, Satire.

    Bad attempt.

  122. Younggun says:

    I bet all these lot who say such bad stuff about arsenal still tune in and enjoy the football arsenal showcase. They hate arsenal but still tune in on our matches and enjoy the football we have to showcase , perhaps the even enjoy the way we play more then their own teams.

  123. dt kingston says:

    Well said that man

    At last someone prepared to tell it like it is, Arsenal fans are the most obnoxious deluded up themselves set of human beings on the planet

    The manager is a busted flush, the only success he ever had was when it was a two horse race between them and manyoo and when Keane had that bad injury

    Wenger isnt fit to wipe Mourinho’s boots

    And I hope its another 7 years before that horrible little club win anything again

    Yours sincerely dt

  124. Henry says:

    What crap, the kind of toss pot who thinks that waving an INVISIBLE card must mean it’s red. And arsenal have the 3rd highest wage bill???? Since when?? Chelsea, spurs, united, city and liverpool all have higher. Get you facts right, as your clearly a jealous little mug sitting at your computing wishing your wank team were nearly as good as arsenal!!!!

  125. hollis says:

    I’m in full agreement with the majority of what’s been written. The current Arsenal squad do carry on like a bunch of molly coddled children and Wenger has no place talking about financial fair play while the club prices supporters out of tickets. While every club has their share of it things seem to be compounded at Arsenal.

    All of the rabid fanboys need to take a step back and have an unbiased look at their players. The majority of them are absolute dickheads and you’ve got blinders on if you fail to see that.

    As a West Ham fan I am able to take a look at our current squad and realise that a fair few of them are absolute bandits who would suck an arsehole through a cock if it meant a bigger wage than we’ve been stupid enough to offer. But at least they don’t issue “Rescue me” pleas whenever they give an interview. Every club has dickhead players, but Wenger seems to develop them like no other.

  126. USA!USA!USA! says:

    The internet is your place to feel important. Please feel free to comment on whichever blogs/media outlets you prefer and know that it matters in the grand scheme of things…

    Here are a few comments to freely plug in and can keep things going:

    1) It’s all Obama’s fault
    2) Gay people should enjoy the same rights as straight people
    3) ‘Soccer’ is not a real sport. The best sport in the world is badminton.

    …by the way, I left a fake email and fake name. Hooray internets!

  127. Scott says:

    I don’t know what’s worse. The upset Arsenal fans or the idiots who “agree” with the post. Anyone notice that the tagline for the article is “this is not a wind up?” Pure schtick.

  128. Blackheadkoi says:

    Finally – someone else agrees with me. You might also add that there seems to be a culture of cheating over there. Never a bad word said about dives and inexplicably “falling over”, all encouraged by Wenger himself – i.e.: appealing the Eduardo CL incident – lending managerial approval to “getting one over” the ref.

  129. dt kingston says:

    They also pay the highest ticket prices in world football and make out as if thats something to be proud of!

    deluded suckers

    nasty little team too, one of the dirtiest in the league and easily the biggest cheats

  130. Crispy says:

    Lost another reader here, never coming back to this bs site again. Ignoramus

  131. Donner Meat says:

    Not an Arsenal fan but these traffic baiting articles are a disgrace. This site tends to be the best football blog by some distance but if pieces like this continue i’ll be taking my 4 minutes browsing a day somewhere else.

  132. kvon says:

    Whoatallthepies just lost a frequent visitor with this shit article. Not even an Arsenal fan.

  133. pieman says:

    i fully agree with all you have written, just suprised you didn’t mention all the diving.

    I am also a little surprised by the size of the gooners blinkers that they can’t see past the arsenal shirts to see the less atractive side of their team.

  134. Martin says:

    I read quite a lot and this is without doubt the worst article I’ve ever read. To say it contains a few inaccuracies is being kind. I couldn’t be bothered writing a detailed response because I don’t want to stoop to your level, but your main problem is taking things which you can’t possibly be sure of as fact. And for the record I pay 47 quid for my Arsenal ticket. To paraphrase your ridiculous closing statement, I call bullshit on your sensationalist propaganda.

    One of the lowest points in evolution.

  135. what a load of bollocks says:

    This kind of clickwhoring is why I very rarely visit this site any more. This is about as low as journalism gets. Well done.

  136. hesnotefehesmybrother says:

    Full of points echoed by many around the grounds and pubs of the country.
    Graceless, obnoxious, childish, prima donna tossers

  137. Anonymous says:

    “So in the end, the question of why Arsenal behave like this is not a very interesting one. I suspect that the answer is that they behave like this because they are Arsenal, and they understand their allotted role in the football scheme of things….Like the club, I am not equipped with a particularly thick skin; my oversensitivity to criticism means that I am more likely to pull up the drawbridge and bitterly bemoan my lot than I am to offer a quick handshake and get on with the game. In true Arsenal style, I can dish it out but I can’t take it….the club and fans closed ranks…and everybody else could go hang” — Nick Hornby, Fever Pitch

    Sorry, Alex, but this has been done before. And better.

  138. TT says:

    “So in the end, the question of why Arsenal behave like this is not a very interesting one. I suspect that the answer is that they behave like this because they are Arsenal, and they understand their allotted role in the football scheme of things….Like the club, I am not equipped with a particularly thick skin; my oversensitivity to criticism means that I am more likely to pull up the drawbridge and bitterly bemoan my lot than I am to offer a quick handshake and get on with the game. In true Arsenal style, I can dish it out but I can’t take it….the club and fans closed ranks…and everybody else could go hang” — Nick Hornby, Fever Pitch

    Sorry, Alex, but this has been done before. And better.

  139. big d says:

    Don’t know how this guy still gets work as a blogger. Never read a good article by Netherton. Spoils this site

  140. Dan says:

    Arsenal are a tourist club. Their players dive to win free kicks literally in every game. Their defense is shit. Arsene doesn’t care about English football, only developing mostly French talent so that one day he may become French National team coach and have a pre-gelled team of d-bags. He has the same smugness as someone who drives a hybrid.

  141. Timmy says:

    First up, anyone who says Cesc has never won games single handedly doesn’t watch Arsenal.

    Second, is there any accusation in here that can’t be levelled at ANY club in the professional game? Bolshy captains gobbing off at the ref? Young players acting like young men and talking bollocks on Twitter? Unwise criticism of officials in public? Players with inflated sense of their own talent? Obscene money flying around? Managers ‘not seeing’ incidents? Hardly the preserve of Arsenal is it Alex? And as for ticket prices soaring through the roof, thanks for bringing that up – I was genuinely not aware that this was a problem, no one has ever mentioned it before.

    I feel like a mug for clicking on the link – this is by some distance the laziest excuse ever for a blog, and no one should dare use the word ‘journalism’ to describe this excrement.

    Quite like this site, but I shan’t be back, there’s an awful lot of football journalism out there that is an awful lot better than this.

  142. naveen says:

    a total moron.. are u high on anything? or could it be that you are incapable of thinking at all? i m gutted by such a post…. its downgrading… its pathetic. if you love writing shit about arsenal..well why dont u do the same for the reast of 19 teams in the BPL. at least there would be some consistency in it.
    oh and thats my real name.. and the email u got is real! so feel free to at least try and defend yourself by explaining this crap… maybe not to me.. but at least for the sake of the cheated readers that have possibly wasted a good 5 mins of their lives reading such nonsense.. so please… just one comment to defend yourself…

  143. jon says:

    nail on the head right there. gunners fans are a bunch of self righteous bastards, they can do no wrong, but are oh-so-quick to point fingers for alleged injustices.

  144. BettySwollocks says:

    I am an Arsenal fan, and while the article is a complete and utter load of bollocks, take it with a pinch of fucking salt. He is just slagging our club, its not as if we dont do the same thing.

  145. k says:

    lol you lot are even more sensitive than the bitters

  146. rifouin says:

    mmmm tears of a wronged anti-arsenal fan… mmmmm they’re so sweet…

  147. Loyalist says:

    the responses to this article by arsenal fans brilliantly reinforces the author’s point. arse fans are self righteous douchebags and neverending victims of nonexistent conspiracies against them…. has arsenal ever been at fault for anything? I don’t know, i did not zee the incident….

  148. arthur says:

    This is the Alex Netherton who once wrote a piece about how much he loves Bob Crow.

  149. Whosyadaddy says:

    OK bye then. Bookmark deleted. If getting rid of all those arsehole Arsenal fans was the aim then well done. Chalk up one. Congratulations. If the REAL aim was to get a rise then well done. Bye.

  150. King Eric says:

    As a United fan I can’t stand the likes of Cesc either; however this article is absolute tripe, nothing more than a brown smear on the underpants of journalistic integrity.

    Your unfounded remarks, written in that awful banterish tone, have bastardised any semblance of a reasonable argument you may have put forth. Frankly I’m amazed the other Pies writers allow you a platform to spout this kind of biased rhinoceros pizzle, who judging by the comments have lost a good portion of their audience from this alone.

  151. Manchester is RED says:

    What a load of shit.

    He’s still right about bendtner though and the bit about hacking.

  152. AussieGooner says:

    Poor sad sack of an author. Obviously had his Arsenal memebership refused. He did get one thing right though…the stuff about Nicklas Bendtner.

  153. Red says:

    haha – a fine piece. Well written and to the point.

    And look at these very many idiots so fervent in their disdain for anything being said against Wenger, that they literally cannot type quick enough.

    Arsenal are a bunch of highfaluting cunts. Wenger is the most pretentious prick in the game. His selective myopia has made him a farce for many years.

    haha – dickheads on here writing things like, ‘OK bye then. Bookmark deleted. If getting rid of all those arsehole Arsenal fans was the aim then well done. Chalk up one. Congratulations.’

    What kind of c*nts are these idiots. Do you think they give a fuck if you don’t come on this site to read his blogs.

    Mercy me – the arrogance of Arsenal and their idiotic support knows no depths.

  154. T Sympathy says:

    Dear Alex, where did it all go wrong for you, my friend? I bet that a few years ago when you thought about being a football writer you envisaged yourself producing real quality output as a contributor to either a print or online channel with a mass audience ready to contemplate and digest your thought-provoking incisive analysis. Alas, here you are spewing out low grade tripe in an obscure online broom cupboard. That in itself gives me enormous pleasure. Bye bye.

  155. Andrew says:

    How can Arsenal be any more unlikable? If they actually won something. Instead clubs like Newcastle put them in their place.

  156. AS says:

    Absolutely valid article, slightly biased but the essence is still true. Arsenal fans are as bad as the team itself.

  157. AS says:

    Also, i am guessing that all Arsenal fans will stop using the internet soon in protest because all the journalists on all football sites are writing about the poor behaviour of their beloved Arsenal which they cannot stomach.

  158. obadoni says:

    this alticle is gabage i mean trash.i think opposing teams in england hate on ARSENAL date’s from when the team went unbeaten.

  159. Alexis says:

    Brilliant. I like this site more now

  160. Alexis says:

    No one has actually answered the question. I would say not much more

  161. Brit says:

    Ollie, why are you allowing anyone and their dog to come on here and deliberately write garbage to wind people up? I’m not just talking about this article, there have been several articles across the football fan spectrum that have wound up everyone.

    More page hits? C’mon, man.

  162. Shak says:

    You are all as idiotic is the writer of this blog. Can’t help reacting can you? Be ashamed

  163. Shak says:

    I applaud “Who Ate All the Pies” for managing to navigate a large sum of traffic onto their site through a wind-up article. Brilliant!

  164. matt p says:

    the sad thing is that, had you spent a little more time and research before writing this piece, there are some important points that you raise which would have been taken seriously, had you not resorted to playground mud slinging in a blatant attempt to gain reaction.
    it’s not about the number of replies you get which makes an article succesful , it’s about the quality of the debate generated, and unfortunately you have managed to bring most people down to your immature, name-calling level therefore nullifying the chance of any reasoned discussion.

    If you can’t even be bothered to spell the headline of the article right you can’t expect it to be taken seriously; even worse journalism than Jonathan Lieuw from the Guardian, and that’s going some.

  165. Fact says:

    Never knew you would right such an article. First you criticize the club u support, Man United and now you write a nonsensical article. What is your problem? From one United fan to another, its just awful.

  166. Serdal says:

    The funny thing is the comments that article gets. It’s just polemic, guys.

  167. Potters1863 says:

    Cracking read with many truths in it. Arsenal’s fans, players and staff are happy to accuse opponents of rugby tactics, but hide away from the fact the stats show they have the 2nd worst disciplinary record in the division at the moment, with 6 red cards and 44 yellow cards. Utter scum.

  168. Malvern says:

    It is a provocative piece, but it does reflect accurately a significantly supported view held on Arsenal (not least Wenger and Fabregas) by those who don’t follow Arsenal. It is not all jealousy either, in fact Arsenal have won nothing for years – what is there to be jealous about?

  169. Matt says:

    do you want anything else with that pint of bitter??

  170. Josh says:

    If I wasnt emotionally involved with the subject of this article then I would say well written. But I am, so this is utter fucking garbage!

  171. AbuDabyBaby says:

    This article is spot on Alex, of course the Arsenal fans are gonna jump on and defend their team but this guy has a valid point in his blog.

    The truth hurts sometimes.

    Of all the players he has mentioned in his blog we can see an example of their behaviour through out the rest of the season.

  172. House of Van Bommel says:

    You might be right about Bendtner but you’re still a cunt for the rest of the pathetic drivel you’ve written. Most pointless, hate filled, poorly researched article I’ve read in a long time.

  173. jk21 says:

    wenger is a dick

  174. Danny Salford Red says:

    Finally someone telling it like it is. Worst losers and worst behaved team in the league. men acting like kids.

  175. Milo says:

    176 comments so far……..97% think your wrong.

  176. ketteringwhite says:

    Out of the top 4 , i have always had a soft spot for Arsenal . The inlaws are all ST holders and being Leeds always the least worst option out of the top 4. However i changed my opinion when i went to the Emirates in the cup.What a plastic fake stadium devoid of any home atmosphere with plastic fake fans sitting on their hands moaning about their team . They might as well have stayed at home watching it on the box. You Gooners have obviously forgotten what football is all about . Get behind your team you sad losers . Much prefer going to Spurs. They dont seem to have sold out somehow

  177. Denai says:

    oh i love this article. arse-anal is a bullshit team!

  178. bully says:

    Hilarious responses…Arsenal fans truly are the biggest divs south of Villa Park

  179. remy says:

    i dont hate arsenal. but i hate fabregas. stupid kid.

  180. Denai says:

    arse anal.

  181. EuroBlue says:

    Interesting piece. Perhaps a bit of a hatchet job, but quite accurate about the self-righteousness of Arsenal, and the chasm between the pontificating that we hear from North London versus their quite ordinary behaviour; the fact that Arsenal like to portray themselves as a superior ideal of football but show, time and time again, that they can behave just as badly as any other club.

    What I find hilarious are the comments from so many half-wits, apparently the article and / or the author is racist. Or worthy of senseless abuse, using a level of invective that contrasts with the articulate nature of the article.

    And there lies a missed opportunity of the piece: to point out the hypocrisy of (and how unlikeable are) Arsenal supporters. Yes, they like to claim they are football’s intellectuals, idealising a platonic ideal of football and football club. And yet, look at the people who have posted here, the same kneejerk stupidity, invective and bitterness of any other club. Or look at the way they still react to Ashley Cole. Face it, Arsefans, you are simply conforming what this piece is saying. Bring it on.

  182. Bobby says:

    Islington is one of the most equal boroughs in the UK:

    And Arsenal do more within their community than any other Premiership club.

    You’re angry because Arsenal sold their land, so that they could afford to stay in Islington, maybe be should have moved to Newham, and destroyed our borough and half of east London

    If you’re looking at the Premiership, Arsenal are definitely the good guys.

  183. dai says:

    Well this is the first article I’ve read on this site. I’m an Arsenal fan and I must say the article was funny–just a little over the top. At any rate, I don’t think I’d visit a site called ‘Who Ate All The Pies’ looking for journalistic integrity and seriousness.
    Arsenal do need a stronger defence.
    Also–the premier league is chock-full of overpaid self-important grown men who act like babies whenever a referee’s call doesn’t go their way.

  184. Tom Jones says:

    Arsenal sucks donkey balls.

  185. GJC says:

    I love the guy who spelt ‘xenophobic’ with a ‘Z’. Thank you to all the Arsenal fans that commented, you’ve made it even better. Here’s a question for some of the commentators. You play arguably the best football in the league, you have two of the most promising young English players in your squad, why then does nearly every neutral fan hate you? I’m a complete neutral, I can’t be accused of being a xenophobe on account of havin an Italian father, I support a lower level PL club (very lower level) and not a London based one. there is no reason for me to dislike your club other than the reasons listed above. But then again, I really don’t expect you to care, nor should you!

  186. Sean says:


    The more people that hate us, the better. We’ve needed to get back to being the Vieira/Bergkamp/Lauren bad guys for a long time now.

    The sooner this club becomes the one that would cut your grandmother as soon as look at you again, the better.

  187. Montesquieu says:

    As a Spurs fan, I have to say I’m embarrassed for this author and this article. Just makes him sound bitter.

    Chris Wright after all is not the worst contributor on Pies.

  188. RedSkywalker says:

    Brilliant Article. Keep writing

  189. Tom McPhail says:

    You’re a cunt mate, get over yourself

  190. Max Power says:

    Trolling FTW (seriously, some of you gooners are mighty touchy. Grow a pair)

  191. Gilly says:

    To be honest I don’t like Arsenal although every team and player moans at referees maybe not online but they all do, some way or another. Arsene Wenger does some what contradict himself most of the time but apart from the last five years he has achieved a lot at Arsenal. But, Fabregas is the captain and he has often been disloyal to arsenal by flirting with barca and then there’s the constant insults and criticism of the referees…

  192. TH says:

    Top article, keep it up.

  193. Tarp says:

    “Ollie, why are you allowing anyone and their dog to come on here and deliberately write garbage to wind people up? I’m not just talking about this article, there have been several articles across the football fan spectrum that have wound up everyone.

    More page hits? C’mon, man.”

    Quoted for truth.

  194. TravisKOP says:

    FUCK OFF Liverpool you shit cunts! this article has nothing to do with the glorious KOP and our ever loyal fan base!

    and to arsenal. . . at least Nasri is a classy guy

  195. lexus says:

    An objective article. He’s heaped praise on Viera and Henry

  196. Denai Momsdoer says:

    @Denai, Notice you keep using the word “anal” – now I know why. your mom told me that’s how you like to do her.

    To the author of this article, Mr Paul Gascoigne, your career is LONG over… step AWAY from the keyboard.

  197. Joey Barton says:

    “Arsenal players should go and play netball”

  198. Quenton Cassidy says:

    Synopsis of Article:

    Rage rage rage “I hate Arsenal” rage rage “flawed arguments” rage rage rage!!!!!!!1!!!1!!11!!1!!

  199. Cheeses, Nazareth says:

    More of this. I’m not an arsenal hater, but I get sick of balanced, reasoned intlelligent pieces.

    Can you do one about Sunderland next please?

  200. jimmyfloydhasselbaink says:

    Great article :-) Look at all the lickle gooners getting shirty – who’d have thought that the Islington middle classes were so illiterate? :-)

  201. Whitechapel says:

    Come on! This isn’t a fair article.

    These arguments are vitriolic and nasty and could have been made about most Premiership clubs, but bringing geography into the argument is offensive. Arsenal has the most supporters in inner-city London, including deprived areas like Hackney as well as more affluent areas. The Premier league is corrupt and emblematic of our unequal society so why pick out Arsenal for blame when this could just as easily be made of other clubs who raise ticket prices for astronomical wages and board profits.

    I grew fond of Arsenal through the football that they play, which has evolved out of the sterile football that many British teams play and is revealed at national level. There is a trend recently of trying to beat down Arsenal and their fans. It is island mentality, cutting down the tree that grows higher. Tribalism unfortunately comes with football and nastiness is levelled by sections of fans of all the clubs. You find Arsenal’s style unpleasant just as I find little England machismo mentality deeply unpleasant. I prefer a good game of football to bullying and bragging rights. And I couldn’t care less that we haven’t won anything for 5 years or 20, because the time will always come around.

    By all means have a little whinge, but don’t deign objectivity over the faults of Arsenal – by singling them out you are an example of the hypocrisy you level at them.

  202. SF says:

    Couldn’t agree with the article more. Spot on.

  203. SF says:

    By the way, the reactions on this page completely justify the final third of the article.

  204. Giggsy11 says:

    As a United fan, I’m used to people writing derogatory things about my club to get some attention and so I sympathise with Arsenal fans here a bit as this entire article is very over the top. In fairness to them, regarding the rough treatment they get, they’ve had 3 serious leg breaks in the last few seasons so I get why they’re a bit touchy about that.

    He does have a few points though. I get annoyed with the Arsenal fans constant paranoid conspiracies about referees and moaning about bad luck with injuries. If you have injury prone players make sure you have suitable back up plans in place!

  205. frank says:

    Look at all the pissy Arsenal fans. Waa waa waa.

  206. terry says:

    You’re going to be murdered in your sleep. Prick

  207. tomas says:

    fucking arsenal fans you pathetic morons middle class shit, fuck you and your pathetic team, fucking cunts i eat thing like you on breakfast you fvcking morons!!!!:D. on the article its spot on, arsenal fans reactions and denial just shows that, fucking hell these morons think they are better:) and it have nothing to do to bitternes or whatever(this just middle class nonsense), all said in this article i actually 100% true, so fuck off you cunts!

  208. tomas says:

    @fact. what awful?? iam also manchester fan


    Lol Arsenal win the league and you mugs can kiss my arse

  210. Trollhasabighole says:

    HAHAHAHA LEGENDARY..This is brilliant, pretentious club who think they invented footballs. Knight the author now!!!!!!!!!

  211. James says:

    Good article. I liked it.

  212. Jelle says:

    Arsenal is not that unlikable. Only the old French paedo is a total cunt

  213. Callmesteve says:

    Not an Arse fan, but this is total shite. Really hoping that this cunt is not a Liverpool fan, it’s embarrassing enough having to deal with comments from my fellow fans on our own blog sites but the idea of one of our own escaping onto another site and making a regular twat of himself is not a pleasant one.

  214. josh says:

    one word describes this article…jealousy

  215. Keysersoze says:

    Cesc fucked your wife?

  216. AR says:

    Best article I’ve ever read.

  217. Leon Trotsky says:

    I kinda like Arsenal’s football. They try to play tiki-taka, they’re obviously not as good as Barcelona, but they’re pretty enjoyable to watch. I’m sure the reason people might hate them is that pitiful whining bitter lying cunt of a manager they have. Honestly, after Mourinho left Arse is the biggest vagina in the British football

  218. xqwzt-gooner says:

    you’re sorry mate, your parents surely didnt hold you enough as a kid. this is the worst article ive ever read, ill-informed arsenal-hating wannabe author alexshite. not defending all of arsenal players’ actions, just wana remind you of all the managers(with no exceptions), all the players that wine and publicly criticise or auestions referees’ decisions or motives… namely chelski players surrounding the ref, darren fletcher actually shoving the ref, or that everton player that was right next to cesc talking to the linesman after THAT saha goal. i hope you drown in your own pool of jealousy wining tears

  219. spursfan says:

    How does it feel to be a racist?

  220. ted says:

    Petulant, cheap, egotistical, unsuccessful, yes, yes, yes, yes, but why bother writing a prejudiced, narrow-minded piece on Arsenal? Their lack of success is their punishment. Focus on Chelsea, there’s so much more to hate and and it’s all fully justified and necessary. I focus all my hatred on Chelsea, no one else comes close.

  221. Andy C L says:

    Probably the most spot on piece I have read in a long while. The reactions in these comments simply bear out all that is said. The supporters in question lacking any self awareness, ability to self deprecate or laugh the article off. Classic.

  222. Footyfan says:

    Wow, you been gang rapped recently?

  223. tony adams says:

    Have to say that this is a great article. All these stupid Arsenal fans need to wake up and smell the coffee. You idiots are coming across terribly in these replies. Arsenal used to be everyone’s second favourite team. They are now universally hated and it’s a shame that fools like Wilshere and Fabregas have done this to this once fine club. I cannot wait to see Barca wipe the floor with you again!!!

  224. Grim Hernandez says:

    you need to get your head out of your arse and read the real facts. have you ever been to Islington? you describe it as “France, middle class, white people” your a dick. get it right. i lived shouting distance from highbury, in a housing estate..its a built up area. deal with it. as many folks on here have pointed out, Highbury Square (which might i add i have been tempted by) are still Arsenal property. whoever told you that you could report, write, scribble or talk sense was blowing lumps of brown with sweetcorn and nuts out of their mouths. get it right. your shit.. and you know you are.

  225. joemateix says:

    Fot el camp, as we say in Catalan

  226. micko says:

    I came by this page via a link on the guardian (our favourite things this week). So much for standards :(

  227. zeeman says:

    What a waste of space u are..

  228. Graham says:

    Ever thought of taking a sabbatical?
    If you are going to write an article on Arsenal at least get out of bed and make an effort.
    Hack journalism is better than this.

  229. Albert says:

    This article is poorly written, perhaps you should save your rants for twitter.

  230. Anonymous says:

    Definately a London thing, I don’t know any northerners who hate Arsenal, infact there fairly well respected because unlike every other club they haven’t run up massive debts.

  231. Often Partisan says:

    “This is the man who was sent off through sheer nastiness and carelessness against Birmingham, only to be applauded by the most indulgent fans you could possibly imagine.”

    If that tackle had been the other way round, ie. Zigic on Wilshire, Arsenal fans and Arsene would still be whining about it now, and using it to say that every player who has ever played for Birmingham is a thug the same way some of their supporters did/do with the Tiny Taylor incident. It was a terrible tackle and Zigic was lucky he was not hurt by the challenge.

  232. Mickey says:

    Accurate piece.
    Though to be fair, it seems a lot of Arsenal blogs have turned against Wenger over the past 3 years – for the obvious reasons.

    If you look at, say, the Eboue assault on Terry a few years ago, there are plenty of Arsenal blogs that are unhappy with Wenger’s blindness. Plenty that share his blindness too, but that is the way things go.

  233. ImmiA says:

    Great post. That is all.

  234. Colin Peppiatt says:

    Brilliant article. I was an Arsenal season ticket holder for 11 years between 1996-2007, and now absolutely loathe them for the reasons you listed.

  235. Splodge says:

    When I see all those plastic fans I look at them and wonder just how many of them have even heard of two times double winner Gilles Grimandi…let alone figures from further back

  236. bill says:

    i am an arsenal fan.
    1. i dunno if this article is serious or not.
    2. I think it’s funny reading peoples reactions.
    3. My final point. Everyone who has read this page has been attracted because the headline has Arsenal in it. If someone wrote an article on why Birmingham City is unlikeable, no one would read it. Cause birmingham is shite. Arsenal on the other hand, are an attractive side. They actually play football, and have world class talent all over the pitch. So basically i’m saying, even those who came on this blog to diss arsenal, you fucks are just jealous of our team.
    Also are you seriously gunna diss Wilshere for saying something on twitter. Didn’t glen johnson just make a scene on twitter not a few weeks ago? How about Ryan Babel.

  237. bill says:

    also i wanna say some words for El capitan. You may call him the King rat or whatever you said he was, but he is still in the argument for best midfielder/passer in the world. This is the same Rat who came on during the World Cup and made the winning assist. Still the same Rat who can pick apart any defense with a single pass. Also the same Rat who will dribble through your defense with precision and skill and a daft touch. Well you cunts can keep whining and calling us cheats or whatever. The best chance the opposition has to score when playing arsenal is to hoof the ball up and hope for some luck! i guess the english find it exciting when Stoke City gets lucky on 1 of the 30 balls hoofed up front to Kenwyne Jones. sounds like airball rather than football

  238. HS Gooner says:

    I had to crack a smile reading this, just standard nothing new, typical bile. At least attempt to come up with something original.

    £100 a ticket? C’mon mate, do some research and get your facts right, I went to the City game for 35 quid. Pathetic excuse for an article.

  239. David says:

    Well I’d say you got a bite there Alex mate…

  240. Patrick Thistle says:

    This website is a big shit pie. The author and his dullard back of the class supporters a glory hound manure eating cunts. The bourgeois will take a huge shit on the proles always and the only thing to stop it will be improved nutrition and upward mobility. Anyway, emmerdale takes a big shit on coronation street. Eastenders is art. I like the Fall, however. I invite you, the author, prince of prize cunts, to finsbury park hostelries on match days for debate with my chums and I on why nobody has made the connection that neville the elder is a cross between a whippet and a weasel and a rat from the manchester canal.

  241. Paul says:

    Agree 90 percent with you: Arsenal are a great side to watch, but are a set of spoilt brats. You forgot to add Nasri, who’se also a nasty piece of work – I remember his cowardly stamp on Richard Garcia from last season – of course Wenger didn’t see it.
    Maybe they should be sponsored by ‘Kleenex’ next season

  242. Abiola oyewole says:

    I don’t have any problem with the writer, his ignorance seeps through this shallow and desperately unimaginative attempt at journalistic piece, it is almighty Guardian I feel sad for. Why, allowing such crass to tarnish your precious reputation. Football fans love football, but fanatical exploitation of xenophobic undertones are imprinted all over this shameless…thing. I so totally feel sick after the first paragraph and it’s better to allow the brainless writer his 5 seconds of fame.

  243. Doug says:

    I dont know which I enjoyed more, the interesting article or the sheer anger which backed it up.
    Ignore the comments Alex, great article and Im guessing a response you were waiting for.
    Arsenal fans, chill out. Its an article.
    I also, while actually liking the way Arsenal play (So dont shout about hating them) completely agree on the Wilshire part. Being a kid does not excuse the stuff he’s done. If he wasn’t England’s new ‘wonder kid’ he’d be slated for what he does.

  244. You C.nt says:

    Shitty propaganda.
    The only hypocrites are the kind of English fans like you who desire only success but spit on the foreigners as soon as they can. The foreigners you loathe that much are the only ones to bring success in England. Money, players, coaches, even your national coach …all come from outside the UK and still you have this morons who write shitty articles like this one blaming Arsenal to be the source of all problems in the UK.
    Get a grip, try something else than football, it’s clearly not for you.
    Try Ferguson if you want to talk about hypocrites. He’s clearly one class above Wenger in this.

    Oh, and forget politics, you’re only good at propaganda And you don’t have any sensibility/talents and … intelligence.

  245. indieGunner says:

    Am I the only one laughing. You do know, this was a funny piece, right? It was a good attempt Alex. Unfortunately funny is subjective, as you can see.

  246. Sanjoy Saha says:

    fully agree…. its been a feature of Wenger to always whine…. he’s basically a hypocrite…. always complaining his players are targetted… but just look at the teamwise no. of red cards received, Arsenal would be at the top…
    and fabregas, he’s just the junior version of arsene…. well refrees do make mistakes, some which look very foolish on TV replays, but they have to make an instant decision… but you have no right to question their integrity… and from someone like Fabregas who’s always eager for a move to Barca… if he’s so homesick, who asked him to come to England in the 1st place

  247. Sanjoy Saha says:

    reading most of the comments, no one is questioning fabregas’ foottballing talent… he’s very good, no doubt… what we are talking here is about his approach, attitude…. just b’coz u r premier league player and/or X or Y has tackled u, u won’t xchange shirts with lower league club players… this is not a professional approach… irony is little can be expected from Wenger to improve this, who himself is a whiner…. so even if they play good football… they will also be less liked b’coz of their attitude… and i think this is exactly what the writer wanted to put forth in this article…

  248. mitchell says:

    Great article!

  249. Henri says:

    Arsenal is a club built on delusion and hypocrisy. Win the title? You can’t even keep a 4:0 lead with 20 minutes to play! Wenger is a manager that is so focused on developing players for the future that he has completely forgotten about the present. I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve heard Arsenal fans say “in two or three seasons we will be amazing”, only to find that the young superstars, which they have poached from abroad want to leave, so they are forced to sell. It happened with Flamini, it’s going to happen to Fabregas and by the time Wilshere is good enough to carry the team they’ll sell him too! Just because some stubborn old French guy who, is in charge of one of the few Premiership clubs making a profit refuses to spend any money.

  250. James says:

    “Stuffed only with unimaginably smug middle-class white people. It’s he Emirates Stadium in microcosm.” – Arsenal have the most non-white supporters in the stands in the whole of London, and Islington is has some the most deprived areas in the country. So a pretty rubbish point there.

    “A club that charges more than £100 for tickets” – Whislt some tickets are £100 (the exec tickets on the small middle rung), it is worth pointing out that Arsenal’s cheapest ticekts are cheaper than Suprs’, West Ham’s, and Chelsea’s. Oh dear this blogger is a mug.

  251. Chip says:

    LMAO at some of these comments, “Its all man utds fault, why cant we be as good as them? whyyyyyyyyyyyyy??” PMSL Shit article bit you snobby gooners have fallen for it hook line and sinker.

  252. bendover says:

    agree with everything,great read

  253. Karl says:

    Having a go at Fabregas, yet your twitter displays Eric Cantona acting like a prat too? There’s you being as much a hypocrite as Wenger.

    No one is whiter than white in this old game of football, Arsenal especially, but over half of what you’ve written here is an absolute nonsense, and surely you know it too. How on Earth you can connect Wenger and the ‘extreme housing inequality in Islington’ is a mystery to me.

  254. TMFA says:


  255. Galadi says:

    Arsenal players like girl see walcott and fabregas face not like a man Barcelona is strong team we win 8 – 0 mr bean u are stupid

  256. Steve says:

    Quality. If there was any doubt about your opinion of the gayner fans they go and prove you right!! Their sack fiddling leader has them believing they’re the envy of the football world yet the emirates trophy cabinet stands as dusty and dark as the day it was opened!! The truth hurts, gooners. The truth hurts gooners!! lol. You gayner muppets are as intimidating as your groomed team.

  257. jaymin says:

    unsubscribed on rss.

  258. shmonster says:

    man. you gotta be kidding. or at least call yourself an unreasonable, zynical, even ironic writter from hell. otherwise, that article is just disgusting. lapdancing on sir fergies and wheeler dealer ‘arry redknapps laps of xenophobia and pure ignorance.

  259. Mick says:

    Excellent Article!
    I’m a fan of Sunderland and have no axe to grind with any of the Sky 4. However over a beer on Saturday night, 2 Mag mates and myself got talking about football forums and all agreed that by far the biggest dickheads on forums were Arsenal fans!

    I like the way Arsenal play football but their players and fans have little class, see Fabregas’ antics against Huddersfield yes Huddersfield, and their fans reaction to this piece and their reaction on blogs to their draw against Newcastle.

    And as for their delusional accusations of xenophobia

    Is it Xenophobic to criticise a foreigner for his antics – No!

    It’s xenophobic to criticise a foreigner for his foreigness!

  260. The Archibald Chair says:

    Aye, you’re bang on the money here, writer!

  261. TRUEBLUE says:


  262. John says:

    I fear Arsenal have become the team to hate recently as a result of the vitriolic, xenophobic bile coming out of certain managers from certain parts of the country (ferguson, allardyce, pulis, moyes … all british bulldog types from the northwest sticking up for each other). The problem is clear, we have too many foreign faces in the team and too many in the crowd as well (black, asian, greek etc) and people don’t like it. Subtle references to this have been made before and this article, i’m afraid, panders to the xenophobes and racists! i’m proud to support a team with such an ethnic diversity although it appears to wind up the bulldogs!

  263. Alex says:


    You appear to class ‘black’ as ‘foreign’. I think that’s far more close to xenophobic than me completely failing to mention any kind of identity apart from Cesc being Catalan (which isn’t a nationality, no matter how much they want it to be).

  264. James says:

    Wow, turns out Alex can’t take criticism either. Was just called a “cunt” by him on twitter for daring to suggest his article was a bit, well, shit.

  265. alex says:

    No, James, it wasn’t the criticism that bothered me as much as you being a cunt. you’re the only person to receive such personal attention you cunt. you’re special, you cunt.

  266. Mercenary says:

    Yes James but for all the inaccuracies in the article, you are a cunt.

  267. alex says:

    I agree with Mercenary.

  268. Richard says:

    Wow. What an appalling twisted article. Let me firstly start by mentioning the irony of your article; yourself, a Man U supporter from Islington, dictating ‘How Much More Unlikable Can Arsenal Get?’ Nobody likes Manchester United supporters. Not because they are a successful team, but because you’re all glory hunting prawn sandwich brigade munching Southerners. Your article contains numerous flaws. You mention your dislike of Liverpool’s ‘self-mythologising’ fans; of course you would, you support Man U. No where in the article do you state your team of choice. (Indeed, a quick glance at your Twitter page was the only way I could back up my theory you supported the team you do.) The thing is, if this article was on a Manchester United, or a Tottenham blog I could understand. It’s opinion. However it’s placed on a ‘prestigious’ (note inverted commas due to the fact the prestigiousness of Who Ate All The Pies’ is now questioned) footballing blog/ magazine’s website which supporters all over the country read. I’m struggling to think how and why this article has been published. The heavily hyperbolically biased opinions from yourself are laughable. Next you mention two incidents that apparently lead to Fabregas justifying the title “King Rat.” Oh behold, Pizza Gate (vs. Fergie, another unintentional biased United tie) [NB. was never confirmed it was Fabregas who threw the pizza. A. Cole simply confirmed the pizza was not thrown by an English or French player] and Mark Hughes’ links to United dont need any more discussion. It’s at the next point where I began to question if you even know what you’re talking about yourself. Szczesny; iPad reference, irrelevant. Wilshere described as a “a technically able git.” [sic] What is the use of the pointless oxymoron here unless you state you’re a United supporter? You make no sense. Ramblings of a mad man. You then state Wilshere was sent off through ‘sheer nastiness and carelessness’ against Birmingham. Not valid at all, apologies if one of the future stars of the English national team was born with exuberant passion. Wasn’t a great tackle, but he’s learnt from it. Remember that game was right at the beginning of the season and Wilshere’s only received one Yellow Card since. Your last two paragraphs are beyond laughable. The unintentional juxtaposition of “…betraying the worst qualities of the middle-class – pretentiousness and self-importance? A walk through Islington and you would be forgiven for thinking you were in France. Well, a kind of France, stuffed only with unimaginably smug middle-class white people,” and then describing Islington… “suffering extreme housing inequality; it’s one of the most deprived – in some areas – boroughs in London.” A mention of tickets being over £100; flase. Your truly are an idiot. I could sit here all day and pick up on every single sentence you ‘wrote.’ If you wrote this to provoke Arsenal fans, fantastic. Thank you very much for distracting me from my daily activities to have to retort your flagrantly flawed article Alexander.

  269. AC says:

    an article critising arsenal, and yet not even a mention of robin van rapey.

  270. barko says:

    Brilliant piece – so spot on about the fans, and the comments prove it. Keep them coming.

  271. alexs' dad says:


    “When I express my opinion I don’t want you to then give me yours. Got that? Right.” (NO FUCK OFF!)

    “Drinking too much? Public humiliation an oh-so familiar friend? If you, like me need to knock boozing on the head, here’s a few unconventional tips to staying on the wagon.” (AWWW LOOOOOL ALCOHOLIC MOFO, THAT EXPLAINS IT)

    “Booze comes with baggage: Hasn’t left my side since I was fourteen. When I wake up I feel guilty, regardless of whether or not I made a dick of myself last night (I did – I just don’t know how yet). I don’t know what it’s like not to genuinely despise myself.” (NEED I SAY MORE? TRY ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS OR DO US ALL A FAVOUR AND END YOUR EXISTANCE)

    “one of the Premier League’s greatest, we pay tribute to Gary Neville; footballer, environmentalist, style icon.” (I BET ALEX WOULD PAY GARY NEVILLE TO JIZZ ON HIS FACE)

    “There’s nothing I like more than a nice sit down and a quiet rage at Jeremy Paxman’s middle-class muppet-fest.” (THE ROOT OF HIS ANTI-ARSENAL RANT)

    “Here’s a spot of relationship advice for all you ladies: all men are pathetic and everything we say is just a sad attempt to sleep with you.” (SPEAK FOR YOUR YOURSELF AND/OR YOUR FATHER)

    “Rooney can skulk over to Eastlands for half a mill a week for all I care, we’d be better off without another celebrity ego clogging up the dressing room.” (“WE”? GOES TO SHOW WHERE THE REAL SOURCE OF HIS ANGER LIES!)





  272. chewboy says:

    Quick count: 26 Cunts…27

  273. Munjer says:

    I believe they threw Pizza at Ferguson after winning – I’m not a gunner but i decided to stop reading there, as if in your first line you are that uninformed, god help the rest of the article!!!

  274. Alex says:

    Yeah, Munjer. You’re wrong.

  275. City Fan says:



    I implore you to do one of these about my club Hull City. I’d love to read it; and one about the Champions of Europe – Leeds United.

  276. Anonymous says:

    What do you thiunk

  277. MAnderson says:

    What do you think of Henry’s behaviour towards Arsenal’s fans at Swansea? I wonder if you’ll give me a real answer.

  278. Geraldo says:

    This is the first time I’ve happened across this article. And it’s far and away the best thing I’ve ever read on any football website, never mind WAATP.

  279. Arsenalsfinest says:

    A walk through Islington and you would be forgiven for thinking you were in France. Well, a kind of France, stuffed only with unimaginably smug middle-class white people…
    Are you for real …have you walked thro Finsbury Park,Archway,Holloway all part of Islington ..your a drip and your Article is Shit !!!

  280. clowntown says:

    This article is as true now as it was back then.

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