Photo Gallery: Kolo Touré signs for Man City

Ollie Irish

29th, July 2009


So the Man City monster rumbles on, scooping up players from the big four and beyond. The latest arrival is Kolo Touré, who has signed a four-year deal worth more than £100,000 a week [@ Man City’s official website].
The ex-Arsenal star joins former teammate Emmanuel Adebayor at Eastlands, along with four more new summer signings: Gareth Barry, Carlos Tevez, Stuart Taylor and Roque Santa Cruz. Who next? Matty Upson, I suspect.

Pies has just got its hands on the latest pics from Manchester, as Touré was unveiled alongside City manager Mark Hughes.
Click the image to launch the gallery…

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  1. WHL Yoda says:

    Do you think Mark Hughes’ arms get tired from holding up jerseys?

  2. Cpt Pattern says:

    Ha Ha! he’ll need those arm muscles come Jan if this lot don’t work out – cos he’ll be flogging them shirts out of a suitcase down our market for a living!

  3. bluemoon00 says:

    Toure isn’t the most fashionable footballer around! That shirt looks a big big as well!

  4. Arthur N says:

    toure= another money grapping judas!

  5. mr. pingyang says:

    Everytime i go to this blog, I see someone holding up a city shirt. I am surprised they were able to attract players like Tevez, Adbayor and now Toure. Yes obviously they can attract with their bloated wages but thats it. And these fuckers are grabbing it. At fist I was laughing at the signings City were buying like De Gong and others. They signed Santa Cruz and Barry which I thought not world class players. So obviously they can prey them away from villa and blackburn. Now whoever is coming are for the Money not city’s “Ambition.” We all know that Robinho was in for the money and realized it was a mistake, I mean he was depressed. Chelsea offered Madrid 30 million and City offered 32 million. It was up to him and who did he pick CITY, and we all know why. He was fucking seeing dollar signs.

  6. andyd says:

    actually robinho signed for city because real refused to let him speak to chelsea, so city was his only option. He hated life at real and wanted to leave. Get your facts straight you bitter whingers.

  7. mac_glossop says:

    bluemoon, you saw me standing alone, without a….all together now…

  8. Colin Bell says:

    Mr Pingyang you are soooo Jealous!!!
    World domination on track!!!

  9. World Domination!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Pingyang you Chineeeeeese JEALOUS SLANTY EYED FUCK!!!!

  10. Blue says:

    Don’t you get tired of these thick illiterate jealous southern morons, mouthing off with their foul mouthed abuse ? why don’t they all just jump off the white cliffs of Dover, and give us all a break?

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