Why Arsene Wenger is the new Jose Mourinho

Ollie Irish

1st, September 2009



When José Mourinho left Chelsea, the Premier League lost its most entertaining gaffer by far. Thankfully, Arsene Wenger seems to have taken it upon himself to fill José’s loafers.

Wenger’s performance at Old Trafford last weekend was pure Mourinho: lots of dramatic arm waving, an unnecessary spat with the officials that led to a brilliantly theatrical (and self-effacing) cameo…


… and after the game (which, let’s face it, Arsenal didn’t deserve to lose) there was a tremendously enjoyable and one-eyed dig at United’s brand of “anti-football”.

Previously, when Wenger moaned and ignored his own players’ faults, it came across as charmless and therefore annoying. But now he appears to have loosened up – there is a new twinkle in the Frenchman’s eye, as if he is – at last – thoroughly enjoying playing the role of villain. More of the same, please, Monsieur W.

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  1. Paddy says:

    Funny how you don’t condemn the vile morons behind Wenger for singing songs about child abuse. Funny how Ferguson didn’t mention anything either (though he came out in the media last year criticising Arsenal’s fans for the abuse he’d received at Emirates – surely nothing can compare to what these Man United twats sing). Funny how the media didn’t mention the sick chants. Funny how Man United – those bastions of sportsmanship – didn’t come out with a full and public apology to Wenger.
    Funny people.

  2. Anthony says:

    Mourinho is very good , Wenger is good. Mourinho seeks out the very best , Wenger seeks out the very best under 20 & under 4 million quid . Stupid story , cant belive I am replyting to utter dross

  3. mike14 says:

    He is fussing about becouse in that game he realised that he can t make it with his current incompetant squad,come next may we will see the back of him because last june he promised us no silverware and i resign

  4. cjs says:

    arsenal were the better team so i dont think we are the one’s with an “incompetant” team

  5. Leon says:

    Don’t ever forget that if the exact opposite had happened, all the British papers would have crucified Arsenal and AW until Xmas. Now you blokes can laugh and enjoy all that u write. Where is the British fair-go and decorum?
    Piss poor journalism.

  6. Jack says:

    Arsenal fans overtaking Liverpool fans as the most paranoid fans in the world? Everyones against us, if it had been the other way around etc…shut the f*ck up & take the abuse – EVERY TEAM GETS IT!

  7. Tewodros says:

    am really very sorry to see happend in that damn teathrical center where refrees play (at old trafold) their best than man united players can do.I don’t know why those bastard bitch persons including ferguson forget the reality, it was Arsene Wenger who thought what the art of football is for the british so called football family.Let’s talk do really england know exactly what football is?shame for them.they have to learn from Barcelona how the art of football looks like which showed on 2009-10 champions league final for the Man United football trainers and for england kick and rush football style.They have to train this nearly from Arsene Wenger.

  8. Joe says:

    Anthony, to quote Dave Chapelle, “You’ve obviously missed the point of that story”.

  9. Delboy says:

    *** Breaking News***
    Metropolitan Police have confirmed they have arrested Abou Diaby on the M6 for traffic offences
    Apparently, he was heading in the wrong direction
    I thank you!

  10. Walshy02 says:

    What happens when Wenger turns round and starts having a go back? The idiots behind him take the moral high ground and the media goes into overdrive about how out of order he is.
    But then I’m sure Wenger is clever enough to see them exactly for what they are.

  11. lewis says:

    What were the lyrics to the songs??? didnt really hear them properly.
    Fergie was crying about security at the Emirates which is 10/10 compared to uniteds

  12. Philando Torres says:

    The mancs won with a peno and an own goal. Funny how the media hasn’t jumped all over them for lacking creativity and being jammy fucking bastards.

  13. Anonymous says:

    mike you’re an idiot

  14. mike14 says:

    i agree with you 110 per cent we were the better team but that is what happens when you have incompetant players around in 5 mins they threw the game away……..and than our genius says its the referee s fault

  15. Shaan says:

    having said Arsenal were a better side, I believe Man U had more clear cut goal scoring chances that they should have put away, espicially at the end, Nani and Berba both should have done better

  16. Man_Utd_Fan says:

    wenger is a nutter.

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