Alex Hleb ‘regrets’ leaving Arsenal? Of course he does

Ollie Irish

14th, October 2009


Alex Hleb Arsenal

“Spare any change?”

Despite looking like a Glaswegian smackhead, Alex Hleb can play football quite well. That’s why Arsene Wenger signed him, from Stuttgart in 2005.

After a very slow start, Hleb had just started to become a key player for Wenger when he decided the promise of free tapas for life was too good to resist, and walked away from north London, whilst still under contract.

The Spanish dream quickly turned into one of those “Oh no, what have I done!” decisions for the gaunt Belarusian – most of the time, he got nowhere near Barcelona’s first team. Predictable, but Hleb clearly didn’t see it coming.

Now Hleb is back at Stuttgart, wondering if his exciting trip to two of Europe’s best clubs was just a smack-induced dream.

This week he told the press that he “regrets” leaving Arsenal. Tell us (and Mathieu Flamini) something you don’t know. Of course you regret it. Every Gooner in the land could have told you you’d be better off staying, but you couldn’t resist Barca’s bullshit. And now look at you, playing for a very respectable club but also back to square one. We. Told. You. So.

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  1. john says:

    The concern is that Real and Barca have the brand, weather and quality to pull players away from Arsenal to disrupt the squad. Based on our performances in Flaminis and Hlebs last season we would have improved further and become a serious threat in the ECL last season. Instead we lose 2 influential players and the rest is history especially Barca going on to win the ECL.

    Is there a risk, i ask, that each time Arsenal are close to being serious contenders for their crowns these guys will tempt players away on the promises of riches both off the field and on with no intention of making them a major part of the first team?

  2. balls out says:

    Come on, the chance to play for Barcelona or play for a team that hasn’t won sod all for 5 years? It was a no brainer. Hindsight is 20/20 but Arsenal are a tiny club compared to Barca

    Arsenal miss Hleb more than Hleb misses Arsenal

  3. Paul says:

    Completely agree balls out, yes John I would say it is more than a risk (but you have been a selling club for quite a while, this hasn’t just happened recently), but that’s what you get when you have a team full of players who are loyal to your manager but have no loyalty whatsoever to your club or it’s (admittedly piss poor) “fans”!

  4. Philando Torres says:

    If I remember rightly, Le Arse fans were always tearing their hair out at his lack of final product. Countless times he would go on a mazy run and, at the crucial moment, neither square for a teammate or shoot on target.

    Besides, Le Arse have got Arshavin now. A player I still maintain Liverpool should’ve bought.

  5. toni says:

    I don’t think we should blame his choice to go to Barcelona. I think Hleb realized he could not win anything with Arsenal. It was a good choice, and he may have realized that he is not good enough to succeed in a big club.
    He will do well in a smaller club such as Stuttgart or Arsenal, but he knows his limits now.

  6. Big gun says:

    Fuck off you wanks! Arsenal are by far not a “small” club!! How does hell is being the third most successful club in england make you a small club!? Thats like saying inter milan are a small club cause they have won a bit less trophies than milan and juventus!

  7. kritter says:

    I don’t understand Americans’ need to abbreviate EVERYTHING–can’t they just call it “the Premiership” and “Champions” like everyone else?

  8. kritter says:

    balls you are retarded! arsenal miss hleb? Arshavin is ten million times better then hleb will ever be–even nasri’s better than hleb

  9. megaman789 says:

    @kritter-I’m not an American but whats wrong in abbreviating? You are talking like a 12 year old boy who somewhere read hate about Americans. You FAIL!

  10. h4f0n says:

    Well, I don’t blame Hleb wanting to leave to Barcelona, Arsenal are not a small club, but they have been overpowered by United and Chelsea in the league and constantly get knocked out of CL at crucial stages. Any footballer who reaches that stage of his career without winning important trophies would want to maximise his chances (like Henry).

    Plus Guardiola had a man crush on him and must have promised him first team football. I was let down by his performances, he felt nervous and not very confident about himself every time he was on the pitch and that just built up and completely ruined his chances to get a spot in the first team.

    Hope he regains his confidence at Stuttgart. And we sell him for at least half the price.

  11. Delgado says:

    Hey guys the only that have to be support is arsenal so i think it not bad if arsenal fail to win tropics for the past 5 years they still a good club and and i think also the manager is a very good coached and he also makes his young team to be successful and to be a better player for the future , so fuck all those who ingnol arsenal

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