Snapshot: Cesc Fabregas and Philippe Senderos train together at Colney

Ollie Irish

20th, October 2009



This photo, taken yesterday at Arsenal’s training sesssion for tonight’s Champions League game against AZ, appealed to me.

Not only do Senderos and Cesc have some sort of symmetrical dance routine thing going on, but the tone of the photo sums up nicely the flip side to being a professional footballer. It’s not all fast cars, WAGs and having fans sing about how great you are.

Hard work does go on behind the scenes, often on grey, freezing-cold mornings when you’d much rather be in bed.

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  1. Joancy says:

    It’s good seeing the two friends to gether training privately. why won’t they be good players when they do extra-training apart from the team’s training period! To me fabrigas is the best in the world of football and he is my best of this time.

  2. Innocent says:

    Loved it. Why is not on Champions league Vs Alkamar?

  3. Family Enclosure Man says:

    Nice lilac bibs though!

  4. 49er says:

    ”often on grey, freezing-cold mornings when you’d much rather be in bed”

    sure the thousands of pounds they get paid a week makes up for it u mug

  5. Gooner says:

    how could this have been taken in london if the squad would have been in holland training?

  6. Yvonne says:

    Yeah, they are paid thousands because they have talent and skills. People like 49er have not got it, hence jealousy. Go and support Spurs, Cesc is worth his weight in gold

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