What if Arsenal were a ‘two-man team’?

Ollie Irish

23rd, October 2009


Much talk already this season about Liverpool being a “two-man team”, ie. Steven Gerrard and Nando Torres.

Mark Lawrenson slyly called Liverpool the “biggest two-man team in Europe”, while John Terry said this week: “When Stevie and Torres get injured they seem to be very short in the squad they’ve got.”

With that in mind, I thought it’d be fun to look at each Premier League club and apply the same thinking…

First in the Prem alphabet – Arsenal.

So, relax, clear your mind…

Now I want you to think of the Gunners as a two-man team (like Liverpool)… hold that thought…

Which two players do you see?


I’m seeing Cesc Fabregas & Robin van Persie. (Sorry, Meerkat.)

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  1. Tom14 says:

    I think that’s fair enough (van Persie and Fabregas).

    But I don’t think many other clubs could say – “Oh well, lets bring in Nasri, Rosicky, Eduardo, Bendtner, Vela or Walcott instead”.

  2. king mons says:

    i think fabregas and arshavin

  3. Matt says:

    Arsenal don`t rely on just one player. Its a team effort weather win or lose.
    I know its hard to understand with you being a yid. I guess thats why our footy are 100times better than yours. Looking forward to beat you next saturday.

  4. max says:

    Agree. More intrestingly, which of those two do you reckon would make the ‘one man team’ cut. It’s controversial but I might go for RVP. Apart from him Aresnal are precious short of goal scoring strikers (and if anyone responds Bendtner Im not even going to bother answering back)

  5. Xabier says:


    Liverpool only have Gerrard and Torres as actual goal scorers.

    Arsenal can score with any player, as shown by the 15 individual goal scorers this season.

  6. cesky says:

    You forgot Arshavin, Nasri, Rosiky (when available), and the capable although up and coming lads like Ramsey, fran merida Jack Wilshere, Henri Lansbury etc. Sorry mate but we got strength in depth and upcoming talent that makes this gooner happy!

  7. td says:

    Diaby and Bendtner

  8. Ollie says:

    “I thought it’d be fun to look at each Premier League club and apply the same thinking…”

    Ah, but crucially I forgot how some Gooners love to surgically remove the fun from football debate by being humourless dicknuts.

    It’s called a hypothesis, douchebags (Matt and Xabier, that means you – seriously, relax your sphincters).

  9. Alex says:

    Gallas and Verminator!!!

  10. shooy says:

    What a charming human being you are. Take any two out of the Spuds on the other hand and they’re just as crap as ever. And I said that with a smile on my face, full of humour and fun. How else can you think of the Spuds?

    Dicknuts, douchebags, sphincters – you are priceless!

  11. Murt says:

    I agree with alex although I’d say RVP and The Verminator because fabregas can be replaced (to an extent!) with nasri or rosicky

  12. John says:

    Arshavin and his shadow

  13. Fanner says:

    Sorry I think Arsenal are a one-man team. Mr Pro Arsene Wenger is the man.

  14. Gnr says:

    @Ollie: Will get back to you on that at the end of the season. Enjoy the Europa League.
    Also, game in hand.

    Double Fail.

  15. Matt says:

    Manchester United – Rooney and Giggs
    Chelsea – Lampard and Drogba

    Remove the spine from of any team and your left with blubbering mess.

  16. almunia says:

    i wud go for djourou,diaby,denilson,senderos,silvestre and bendtner without them arsenal is crap

  17. kritter says:

    Arshavin and Arshavin

  18. HP says:

    As a gooner, I’m embarrassed by the comments some Arsenal fans leave. This was a hypothetical situation, “If you had to pick two”. If some one says to you if you had one day to live what would you do, would you then debate the person about whether you would be alive tomorrow. Matt you should go away and learn how to construct english sentences before you type anything for the whole world to see, like this little beauty “I guess thats why our footy are 100times better than yours. Looking forward to beat you next saturday”. Shooy, you’re a dick as well. Back to the topic, you have to say cesc and rvp. clichy is the next closest. arshavin just isn’t consistent enough and none of the rest move in the same class.

  19. 614d3 says:

    fucking hell some people are retards they fucking embarrassing the rest of us gooners. read the fucking thing carefully before commenting u fools anyways i would go for van persie and arshavin aswell!!

  20. Omar says:

    As a gooner, albeit a non-spiteful one, I honestly think this hypothesis is a little flawed at least when applying it to Arsenal. Liverpool’s “two-man team” system is the reason why they struggle so much in every competition outside of Europe. Instead I propose the idea of a “three-man team” which for Liverpool, in my opinion, consists of Gerrard-Torres-Kuyt/Pepe Reina but sadly for those reds the latter member doesn’t consistently perform at the level of the former duo. If I applied this three-man theory of mine to Arsenal however I think it would consist of Fabregas/RVP/Arshavin seeing as how Cesc can consistently create goal opportunities and is the most important player in the squad. RVP can consistently score and is our highest scoring striker at the moment, and finally, whenever those two are struggling, Arshavin can create goals out of nowhere.

  21. harry says:

    senderos and eboue

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  24. tom says:

    Just saw the Everton one of these and decided to look back on those done so far. Are all Arsenal fans like this? I live in South London and generally most people are not Arsenal fans, those that I know are extremely defensive non-sensical morons like most of those above. I just thought they were isolated cases. But with this and the whole player rating Porto fiasco thing I’m begining to feel very glad I don’t live in North London. You lot need to sort yourselves out.

  25. tom says:

    Also, it should be in my opinion; Sex Fibreglass and William Gallas.

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