WAG Watch: Theo Walcott buys girlfriend £140,000 Ferrari for 21st birthday

Ollie Irish

2nd, November 2009



Theo Walcott has bought his WAG – the eminently likeable Melanie Slade – a Ferrari California supercar for her 21st birthday. For most of us, buying a Ferrari means saving up for several years. For Theo, it’s a couple of weeks’ wages.

A source close to Slade told the Sun: “Melanie is over the moon. She loves the car and has even got a personalised number plate for it. She was scared of driving it at first, but she took it for a spin in London to get rid of her nerves.”

Good call. Traffic-free London is exactly where I’d want to drive my new £140,000 supercar to get rid of my nerves. Gulp.

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  1. Timus says:

    Try as I might, I just cant bring myself to dislike these two. They just seem like a nice couple of kids!

  2. Ollie says:

    Agreed. About the cutest football couple around.

  3. Meji says:

    Theo can do a lot better. But hey she’s a “before the riches” cutie. So fuck it.

  4. I8Ollie&Theo says:

    “For most of us, buying a Ferrari means saving up for several years”. I’d ather say : “several lives” (117 years when saving £100 a month).
    Who need this shit anyway ? the girl barely knows how to drive and probably sold it to get a smaller car (I bet on a Smart ForTwo). Props to her, she already made a huge amount of money out of this scumbag

  5. Ollie says:

    @ I8Ollie&Theo (amazing name, btw): It’s not my policy to ban commenters, but, er, how can I put this – you need to up your game.

  6. I8Ollie&Theo says:

    Thank you, I8 you much less now

  7. CFC says:

    “before the riches”- you are SO naive!!! As if he only started playing football at the age of 18. She took a gamble and won, good for her. But let’s cut the crap about “before the riches”. Here is a quote from Wikipedia, just to show what I mean- “Walcott scored more than 100 goals in his one and only season for Newbury, before leaving there for Swindon Town and later for Southampton. Nike agreed to a sponsorship deal with Walcott when he was fourteen years old.”

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