Emmanuel Eboue Mercilessly Pelted By Besiktas Fans, Takes It With Great Dignity (Video)

Chris Wright

21st, November 2011


By Chris Wright

In which, during Galatasaray’s goalless draw with rivals Besiktas yesterday, Emmanuel Eboue is pelted with lighters and empty bottles every time he ventures toward the touchline and reacts to the barrage in the manner you’d probably expect him to, like a complete wuss – hitting the deck, feigning lower back injury, swatting away invisible projectiles and then cowering behind two Gala physios as the missiles continue to rain…

After rumblings on Twitter and in the press, both Besiktas and the Turkish FA have strenuously denied that Eboue was being subjected to racist abuse – with their reasoning presumably being somewhere along the lines of ‘he’s a bit of a tit and it’s little wonder people throw things at him’.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Chris Wright, you’re a prick.

  2. Joe says:

    That was unnecessary Chris. I dont normally associate you to write rubbish like that. That is disgusting behaviour by beskitas and very traumatic for eboue. They subjected him to a complete barrage of abuse and I’m sure if it was messi that people would have their arms up in the air complaining. Racism is rife in football and has been bubbling under the surface for a while now and is becoming more apparent the less is punished and while football has an ignorant biggot in charge brushing the notion to the side. Let’s face it if he can’t see that video technology is needed how the hell is he going to care about racism in the sport.

    Rant over, let’s go back to quality posts please.

    • Chris says:

      Yes, it was shameful on the Besiktas fans’ part, but every so often players get pelted like this during a game. Most deal with/ignore it admirably. Eboue hammed it up as per because, as stated, he’s a bit of a tit.

  3. Redskywalker says:

    What about the Linesman whose face was busted open in the Grenada-Mallorca La Liga match last night??? That guy stood on his feet with blood running down his face!

  4. Marley says:

    Chris Wright, you are a complete idiot

  5. fan says:

    this guy has something to say about “racism” in turkey:


  6. chimpo says:

    this is a pretty shoddy piece- normally you’re a bit pc if im honest, and this is a a tad daily fail

  7. gamblino says:

    That is hilarious. All part of the fun in Turkey though aint it?!

  8. Pete says:

    Chris, you’re a fucking knob.

    I doesn’t matter that he was feigning his injury, the fact that he was being pelted with bottles and lighters because of his race. If I was subjected to that kind of abuse, I’d try a find a way not to play anymore. And anyone who thinks its funny, can jog on.

  9. Marty says:

    This article had so much potential. Sad to see it wasted

  10. Jim says:

    embarrassingly terrible post.

  11. fan says:

    It was unnecessary, idiotic and unacceptable but THIS SITUATION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH EBOUE’S RACE. Why would you automaticly assume that, if fans throw stuff at a player, they do it just because of his skin colour?

    Throwing stuff to the pitch is not uncommon in Turkey, and has been done many many times in the past: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kppPeAQF_fc

    There are a lot of things can be said about this treatment but it was not started because of eboue’s race.

    Heck, just some of Besiktas fans’ banters if you want to know their stance on racism:




  12. Jay says:

    Defending Chris here, I don’t think it was racial by the Turkey fans. Turkey is not as ignorant as Spain regarding race. Infact I think they like Muslim players of which Eboue is, so would hardly think they would throw things because of his race. Maybe I am being naive here.

    However Eboue is a bit of a tit. Maybe the Turkey fans know a faker/diver/moaner when they see one, and just decided to vent it how it’s done disgracefully in Turkey…..It could be a culmination of fake acts that Eboue has done….

  13. Mustafa says:

    Are you kidding me Chris Wright? You should be ashamed of yourself, particularly after everything that’s gone on this past week about racism in football

  14. maxx says:

    And what do you people know about Turkey to immediately conclude that he gets pelted because of his race? İstanbul derbies are heated and opposition players usually gets abused regardless of their race. Felipe Melo also played for Galatasaray in that match yet didn’t get abused. Have a clue about what you’re talking about before making comments.

  15. Isla says:

    This is one of my favourite football blog’s but the name of the article and the content itself is a disgrace.

  16. Petty Pete says:

    This is an absolutely appalling article.

    If anybody needed to know why fans throwing missiles onto the pitches is dangerous, they need only look at the posting on this blog from TODAY about a linesman being injured as he did his job. For you to write – however facetiously – “with their reasoning presumably being somewhere along the lines of ‘he’s a bit of a tit and it’s little wonder people throw things at him’” is nothing short of shameful.

    For the record, I’d like to know just how bravely somebody is expected to react as they are pelted with missiles by a hostile crowd and a variety of those missiles strike them.

    This is really pathetic – a proper low point for this blog. I couldn’t agree more with Pete’s posting at 2:14pm.

    If you think this is funny – you are a tosser.

  17. the queen says:

    C’mon guys, Chris just thinks this is a silly problem that can be solved with a handshake. Eboue should quit being such a baby and realize that, well hey, this is football, so accept the racism or get out. Considering the times, calling Eboue a “tit” for being harassed is probably stupid.

  18. Jay says:

    Guys, relax! I really don’t think it was racial. Christiano had items thrown at him in England all the time when he used to dive a lot. I really believe it is because Eboue is a tit and does fein A LOT of incidents…..

    It just shows that fans don’t tolerate fakers on the pitch, which Eboue has always been known for during his Arsenal days…..

    Obviously, if this was racially motivated (which I doubt, as Eboue is a practising Muslim and Turkey is majority Muslim country, and don’t take race into account if the person is Muslim I believe)….then I wholly apologise. But I really believe it’s because Eboue is very sneaky on the pitch….

  19. Michael says:

    If Eboue is acting like a “wuss”, then what does that make you Chris, with an article like this?

    If you are expecting to everyone to agree with you or you think you are “da man”, I think I can safely say that 99% of people would disagree with you, starting with the people reading and commenting on this article.

    The remaining 1% is just like you…an ignorant fool.

  20. Ali says:

    Poor writing, disappointed coming from a normally excellent site.

  21. Terry Sheddingham says:

    For you to write – however facetiously – “with their reasoning presumably being somewhere along the lines of ‘he’s a bit of a tit and it’s little wonder people throw things at him’” is nothing short of shameful.

    …but surely that’s aimed at Besiktas and the Turkish FA, and is highlighting how they’re denying something that’s plainly obvious?

  22. maxx says:

    You people need to stop talking about things you dont know much about. What Eboue faces has nothing to do with racism, its just abusive behavior towards an opposition player. Galatasaray’s white assistant manager also got hit with objects thrown. Felipe Melo also plays for Galatasaray yet didn’t get pelted. Im not saying the hateful behavior is okay; Im just saying it has nothing to do with Eboue’s race. Don’t just jump into conclusions.

  23. Phil says:

    Water bottles and lighters? Did he not have reason to think something worse could come flying out at him?

  24. Steve Clarke's Cerebrum says:

    Made me laugh. Got hit by bottle of water,which understanably caused a serires of life-threatening spasms in his lower back! Grow up you overpaid plike. Not condoning the action of the Besiktas fans, but Eboue wasn’t having grenades lobbed at him. Just get on with the match FFS

  25. Jett says:

    Chris wright is a douche. Very classy indeed.

  26. doody do says:

    To be fair, apparently Joey Barton was apparently had coins thrown at him in the match against Stoke at the weekend, and he reacted by posting something on Twitter.

    Naturally, I’m not saying what the Besiktas fans were doing is condonable in any way, but surely it’s better to just get on with it

  27. Elmyr says:

    The only redeeming thing about this and the risible “Sepp Blatter (partial) defense” post is that the majority of commenters are displaying a great deal more sense than the author.

    Provocation is one thing, but if this continues, the site’s readership is going to start reflecting the ugly values of this writing.

  28. Dave says:

    Have to say Chris that this is a really poor piece. You have a great blog here so don’t ruin it with crap like this.

  29. Mr. Sparkle says:

    I think everyone needs to take it down a notch, relax a bit and stop calling everyone an idiot because you don’t agree with their opinion.

    Besides, it’s hard to take the incident seriously with that ridiculous music playing in the background.

  30. Al says:

    Is everyone here serious? Have you not been on this site before? Every story has a humorous light hearted tone to it, that’s why the site is popular, get off the authors back as at no point in the article did he condone racism of any kind, you are all reading something between the lines that isn’t there. The author was merely pointing out that Eboue completely hammed it up, if a white player had been subjected to the same stuff from the Besiktas crowd (which is often the case) and hammed it up like Eboue then he would have recieved a slagging as well

  31. Hey says:

    Its people like Chris that encourage such behaviour. Twathead

  32. Stinky Feet says:

    From the socks of the man himself: He was being pelted because of his constant diving rather than his race. Funny how everyone automatically starts with the race card though…

  33. Stevesy says:

    Wouldn’t it have been easier just to run over and throw the ball in quickly? In Chris’ defense, I think he’s only poking fun at the guy because he’s so theatrical about it. Re: Dida vs Inter Milan flare and Dida vs. Celtic fan. Yes, throwing missiles is wrong. Yes, racism is wrong. However, yes, being a total puss and hamming it up to get an unfair advantage (ie. suspensions, fines, etc) over the other team is also wrong.

    The real shocker with this article is that it is apparent that people are still watching/monitoring the Turkish league.

  34. Steve Clarke's Cerebrum says:

    The last two comments are spot on.

  35. Ben says:

    @StinkyFeet Because people think you are a diver gives you the right to throw lighters and other objects at a player? **** off. The fact that you mention the “race card” (even though the article was so POORLY written that I couldn’t blame the commentors for thinking it was about race) and your belief that since it’s not about race it’s “ok” makes you more of a knob.

    @Stevesy He was being theatricalabout it and being a puss? What else do you do if things are being thrown at you and the referee does not stop the game? NO PLAYER should have to “suck it up and keep on playing” under those conditions.

  36. Ben says:

    This piece was quite revolting Chris… even if it’s a horrible unclassy joke on your part.. No player should play under conditions where things are being thrown at you.

  37. sloth says:

    Boy-oh-boy. The backlash is a bit strong, but this was a pretty poor article. Yes Eboue is a bit of a tit, and yes he dealt with it poorly, but racial abuse in football is never a joking matter, and making light of the situation in Turkey is definitely counter-productive to the cause.

    The Turkish FA’s denial of racism here is actually what’s most troubling; FIFA should step in and make every spectator who attended the match shake hands with Eboue, that would solve everything… wait…

  38. tom says:

    Grow up. Chris clearly isn’t racist, read his other articles. Eboue is a tart, always has been and he shows it with his reactions here. It may have been racially motivated (I don’t know so I’m not making assumptions like a lot of you are) and that would be disgusting but saying Eboue is a fanny and throwing things at him for his skin colour are distinctly different things. Also its no secret that Turkish football has its racist elements, just like Russian football and Spanish football. Choosing to go there, whilst not condoning the racism you set yourself up to receive, is to some extent bringing it on yourself.

  39. Bear says:

    It’s one thing to “shake hands and move on” as a response to racism, to which this post is being compared, but when people claim racism as the impetus for missile-throwing AT A ISTANBUL DERBY GAME it becomes evident that dismissal of racism is not the only problem but also ultra-sensitivity. Nevermind that Real Madrid has gotten away with racist violence, chants, and banners they store in the Bernabeu – yet everyone lauds their history and accomplishments with ignorance.

    It’s a Besiktas-Galatasaray game, dumb shits. What else would you expect?

  40. Jay says:

    @Bear: Do they really have racist banners in the store@The Bernabeu?

  41. MARIO says:

    what a crap article…would u like it if people were throwing random objects at you while you sit behind your desk and type this shit.. I didn’t think so…furthermore wouldn’t you be afraid that someone out of the crowd could throw anything at you including…glass bottles, coins and other more dangerous objects rather then simply water bottles and lighters…

    • Chris says:

      @Mario: I’d simply move into the centre of the pitch, ignore the fans and abuse and let the officials/stadium security deal with it in a manner they saw fit. Not cower behind a couple of physios and let them get hit.

  42. Dont worry says:

    Well isnt everyone a hero here, i think enough people have complained. get over it

  43. wqwerty says:

    guys just shut the f*** up. I wouldn’t liek it if someone pelted me with all that, but i sure as hell wouldn’t act like a total disgrace.If anything i’ll just walk to a safe spot and let security deal with it till its safe.

  44. HotSpur922 says:

    jesus christ you brits are such pussies.

    I’m born and raised in NYC, racism is everywhere but the way you wanks complain about this thread is beyond ridiculous.

    what Chris wrote about the video was just a slight joke, it’s not like he was condoning the racism.

    Unless you straight out call the dude a racism name there is nothing wrong with what chris wrote.

    get over yourself, all of you little bitch Brits.

    I find it very funny how you guys trash talk all us “yanks”, you honestly think you;re harder then us? you soft, simple boys on your little Island.

    GROW UP.

  45. Your All Cry Babies says:

    Is everyone here serious?? Footballers are all babies, theres a video of Riquelme on this site getting spit in the face twice taking a corner, cleans it off and takes the corner with no fuss!!!!! pay me what Eboue is being paid and I’ll stand there and let them throw what they want lol

  46. ivan says:

    cancel match , Besiktas automatically loses 3 points.And that will never happen again.

  47. Petty Pete says:

    I have had quite enough of pig ignorant, illiterate morons commenting upon the increasingly unpleasant views of the contributors to this blog.
    Won’t read it again.

  48. kkt says:

    twat. i hope someone throws a penny at you today. and i hope that penny cracks your head open and rolls into a storm drain cos a lowlife like you who condone the behaviour in the video should not even have the fortune to pick up an extra penny. ha

    srsly thou, twat.

  49. fouldsy says:

    i for one thought it was funny! well done chris, got your back mate!

  50. Murray says:

    Eboue pulls a “Sergio Busquets” in the first second of the video.

    I, for one, am gonna go and laugh at him now.

  51. Mr. Sparkle says:

    A word to the wise to all those who slagged author: Don’t read the blog if you can’t take the tampons out of your arseholes.

    Shut the hell up and move on with your lives.

  52. swiss mafia says:

    Amusing how everyone says that Chris is condoning this behaviour..
    I don’t see anywhere in the article where Chris condones throwing objects or racial behaviour.
    He obviously doesn’t write articles like this all the time either (most pie followers would agree) so if you don’t like it, move on to the next post.

  53. Anonymous says:

    This is pretty disgusting Chris, regardless of your view of eboue no one should go through this. I just lost respect for you!!

  54. Ventilan says:

    Everyone jumping on the bandwagon, that’s funny.

    Getting hit by an empty water bottle won’t make you fall to the floor in pain.

  55. nicolas says:

    from the author: @Mario: I’d simply move into the centre of the pitch, ignore the fans and abuse and let the officials/stadium security deal with it in a manner they saw fit. Not cower behind a couple of physios and let them get hit.

    several problems with this solution.

    first, the officials did not deal with the problem quite evidently, but i suppose you’d just expect eboue to play on while people throw stuff at him, wouldn’t you? would love to see you play a football game like that.

    second, eboue is a right-back / right winger. why on earth he would move to the centre of the pitch to continue playing is beyond me, particularly if play continues in spite of the abuse directed at him.

    poor of the author to trivialise what was an inexcusable act of violence conducted towards a player, (moaner, diver or otherwise, doesn’t matter) by fans who don’t deserve to watch football in a stadium on such behaviour, racially motivated or otherwise. there are plenty of football-related jokes to be made but this certainly isn’t one of them.

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