Champions League: Arsenal 2-1 Borussia Dortmund – Robin Van Persie Does A Goal Then Another Goal (Photos & Highlights)

Chris Wright

24th, November 2011


By Chris Wright

Apparently Robin van Persie suffered a back injury after last night’s 2-1 win over Borussia Dortmund at the Emirates. You can fill in the ‘carrying the team’ punchlines yourselves.

The Dutchman scored both Arsenal’s goals (Shinji Kagawa netting Dortmund’s consolation), taking his tally for the season to 16 and his tally for the calendar year up to 33 in 30 games. It’s getting a bit silly and, if all goes to plan, we’re going to have a little more on Van the Man’s incredible scoring feats later today, so we’ll leave it for now.

Arsenal are home and hosed as far as the knockout stages are concerned, reaching the second round for the 12th season on the trot. Congrats where congrats are due.

As for Dortmund, I was mightily disappointed. The two games against Arsenal have been the only chance I’ve had to cast my beady peepers over the supposed new beaus of European football (Goetze in particular) and, save for a few nice touches hither and thither, they’ve been slightly lightweight on both occasions. Granted, it’s two, isolated, difficult games we’re talking about here, but they haven’t really done their burgeoning reputation justice and dat make Hulk sad.

Any thoughts on the game folks?

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Photos: PA

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  1. eve says:

    I thought Dortmund started out pretty well last night. Things might have worked out differently for them, if Bender and Goetze hadn’t been injured this early. I mean, Goetze started limping after about 10 minutes, so it’s no surpise he didn’t impress you.

    • Chris says:

      @eve: True, I was talking about the first game really re: Goetze. Managed a couple of lovely little touches and passes in the 30-odd minutes he had last night, but the fact that we didn’t get to see more was a little disappointing.

  2. eve says:

    You’re right, he was rather disappointing in the first game. I blame it on his inexperience.

  3. BVBFan says:

    I dont know what you saw…In my eyes we were in both games atleast over three halves the better team…not bad for a CL-Rookie with an average age of 22.4 years! And our supporters more than outclassed the Arsenal supporters home and away…

    • Chris says:

      @BVBFan: Granted, they’re a very young outfit and played perfectly well considering that, but it all seemed a bit ‘toothless’ to me. Not really their fault, but the relentless hype from journos/media made it difficult not to be a tad let down.

      Have to agree about the Dortmund fans though, they’re incredible.

  4. Solihull United says:

    i have to say, very well written title.

  5. bagoez vickybrutal symponicmetal says:

    i like r. van persie

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