Pies’ Christmas Gift Ideas – No. 4: Aston Villa Toilet Paper

Chris Wright

15th, December 2011

By Chris Wright

Presenting: The ‘perfect fun gift for a Birmingham City supporting family member or friend who enjoys football banter with a Aston Villa fan’.

Now correct us if we’re wrong here, but isn’t ‘banter’ supposed to be, by it’s very definition, a two-way thing?

It seems that the fatal (or should that be ‘fecal’?) flaw in having a rival club’s emblem adorning your toilet paper is that, for it to have any effect, you either have to, a) bide your time until a Villa fan visits your home and enquires about your choice of bog roll or, b) run out into the streets of Witton showing everyone what you just wiped your backside on.

That said, it does come in a lovely gift box…

Crap. Quite literally.

(Thanks to Pies fan Solihull United for the tip-off!)

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