‘Paralytic’ Jack Grealish Pictured Sleeping A Heavy One Off In The Middle Of The Road In Tenerife (Photos)

Chris Wright

15th, June 2015


By Chris Wright


Once again, the tabloids are ablaze this morning after Aston Villa youngling Jack Grealish was pictured lying prostrate and paralytic in the road while on holiday in Tenerife.

Grealish’s drunken husk was discovered by local resident Briony King, who found him passed out in the street outside her apartment.

At first she admittedly had no idea the 19-year-old lad asleep in the gutter was a Premier League footballer, but Twitter duly filled her in on the details after she posted the photos online…


Several hours after the pictures of him lying banjaxed in the street began to circulate, Grealish had sobered up just enough to Tweet “I’m on the floor apparently!

It’s just a 19-year-old lad with terrible hair doing what 19-year-old lads with terrible hair do of a summer: drink themselves cross-eyed in the Canary Islands and pass out on public thoroughfares in a pool of their own piss, dribble and Jägervomit. Move along, nothing to see here.

At least it’s not hippy crack this time. That man-to-man chat with Tim Sherwood obviously worked wonders.

Anyway, at least we can put the nationality tug-of-war to bed. He’s definitely English.

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  1. PetrovskyKSC says:

    Enjoying a wee nap. Nothing wrong about it. Keep your smartphones in the pocket and leave the man alone

  2. Murray says:

    Just so I have this straight…

    After Ms. King discovered a stranger’s prone, “paralytic” body in the middle of the street, her FIRST order of business was to take pictures and upload them to Twitter–NOT dial 999.

    Upstanding fucking human being you are, Briony King.

  3. gtmd85 says:

    “Nothing wrong about it”??!!
    Won’t somebody please think of the children!!! (RIP Maude)
    Sorry for dragging up this old chestnut again but the lad is a professional footballer. He has a responsibilty, not only to himself but to his club not to go out & drink himself into that kind of state.
    Its bad enough half the kids in Birmingham are now sporting his awful hairstyle, are they all going to be passed out in the gutters next after a hard night on the booze & ‘hippy crack’??
    Whatever way you look at it, its behaviour unbecoming of someone in his position.

  4. PetrovskyKSC says:

    How in this world should a 19-year-old be aware of that responsibility? Additionally, you seem to disregard that our basic points go in the same direction. The only difference is the question of who’s responsibility we’re talking about. Of course its bad when little kids see pictures of their passed out idols lying in the street. however, it’s the person taking the picture who is responsible for not exposing kids to those pictures.
    But hey, if all of the guy’s fans from birmingham vomit on your doormat, will you send me a photo of it, please?

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