You Can’t Buy Class: Aston Villa’s Joleon Lescott Tweets Picture Of Flashy Car After 6-0 Battering By Liverpool

Alan Duffy

14th, February 2016


Aston Villa’s painful march towards the Championship quickened a bit a Sunday, with the sorry Villans battered 6-0 by Liverpool as Villa Park. It was another awful performance by Remi Garde’s side, who even let Kolo Touré score!

However, after the game, centre-half Joleon Lescott, no doubt after receiving a shed-load of abuse about the result, Tweeted a picture of his expensive car in what seems to be a rather lame attempt to silence the ‘haters’…


Now we can all understand that the abuse footballers receive, either on social media or in person, must get somewhat annoying, even taking into account their massive wages. After all, they are just human beings, no matter what their salary.

However, flashing a photo of one’s expensive wheels after a 6-0 defeat, particularly in the current climate of fan anger at ticket prices, does seem incredibly childish, no? Unless it was just a case of bad timing?

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  1. Laudrup says:

    Memo to chairman p 45 the entire team at Avfc,including,
    Rielly Almstadt. Let RGarde start with the kids ASAP.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Let’s be honest: not a single Villa player really gives a fuck because they know they’re relegated. The top earners will have their agents out talking to people, whether it’s premier clubs or in the far East or USA. They’re merely going through the motions til May, then it’ll be on to another club for half the players, without a second thought for the club… Which to be fair has been a micky mouse outfit for years.

  3. Declan says:

    Anonymous has hit the nail on the head

    They don’t give a monkeys chuff and will be off. Complete Abondonment by Lerner. Everton be careful what you wish for!!!!

  4. Christopher French says:

    Spectacular own goal by another overpaid player with head up arse and zero respect for fans. That ‘magic’ phone is some invention. Total bollocks but I suppose at least he said sorry. Back for urgent training today? – or out admiring more penishead cars?

  5. Stefano says:

    He claims that the photo has been sent by accident, because he had the phone in the pocket while driving.

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