Aston Villa Spend £2m On Having The Word ‘Prepared’ Removed From Their Club Crest (Photo)

Chris Wright

6th, April 2016



(*Artist’s impression of the new Villa crest)

Presumably pre-empting a lawsuit from the Trading Standards office, Aston Villa have spent a significant sum of money having the word ‘Prepared’ removed from their club crest.

Yep. The club have reportedly blown £2million to let London-based design company SomeOne re-draft Villa’s “entire visual identity”, including the crest.

According to the Birmingham Mail, that money has mostly been spluffed on having ‘Prepared’ scrubbed from the logo, while the rampant lion will be given back the claws it had removed in 2007.

The brave new crest will debut upon the breast of Villa’s new Under Armour kits, which are set to light up the Championship next season.

Update: Looks like Pies’ artistic rendering really wasn’t too wide of the mark. Here’s the ‘new’ Villa crest in all it’s glory…


Photo: AVFC

£2million well spent, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Meet the new badge, pretty much the same as the old badge.